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Part 1: Wood Furniture Care

Wood furniture needs little attention to stay beautiful. Like wine, it can gain depth and nobility with the passage of time. The marks of everyday living, the nick on the leg, a stain of red wine, or impressions from your child’s impassioned letter to Santa can be a treasure of memories. 270 more words

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When You're Making an Excel Sheet About Your Sex Life, Something's Clearly Wrong

Excel spreadsheets are usually used to track the most banal of things: budgets that force you to stay away from shoe shopping, your latest work projects, or who gave you what for your wedding thank-you note list. 307 more words

House And Home

Emily Henderson's 9 Tips to Merge Your Stuff Without Fighting

Let’s just face it: Moving in together is stressful. If you and your significant other are just merged your belongings (or are thinking about it), here are some tips to help you create a harmonious home that works for both of you and each of your styles. 563 more words

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Ollie and The Mole

After another flirtation with fiction, I have decided to give it a much-needed rest, and return to what is actually happening!

When he was small, Ollie liked to dig in the garden. 443 more words

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10 of Our Summertime Favorites From Blake Lively's Preserve Site

If you were just thinking about how you’d like more artisanal home goods and accessories in your drawers and closets, Blake Lively’s got news for you. 212 more words

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9 Dreamy Resorts With Nap-Worthy Hammocks

Is there really anything better than reading or napping in a hammock? The breeze rocking you in the speckled sun as you fall into the most relaxed state ever — you know there’s nothing more indulgent. 125 more words

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7 Hammocks to Help You Get Your Nap On

I’ve never been a nap person but ever since I adopted my kitten, Henrietta, I’ve started seeing the benefits of sleeping for 20-plus-hours a day. 108 more words

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