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House Finch Grace

Rare birds are always a treat, and I certainly enjoy searching the globe for birds I have not seen.  But common birds add a spirited pinch of life to each and every day, and that’s a true gift. 14 more words


House finches

A couple of male house finches. Often confused with purple finches, but house finches are streaky brown on their flanks and purple finches are not. 119 more words

Memory Lane

MAY 2009

© HJ Ruiz – Avian101


Bundle Up

This morning the temperature was 26ºF and wasn’t very comfortable  to shoot pictures besides only a few birds showed up to eat from the feeders. I had to bundle up to go outside and feed my few visitors. 89 more words


I'll Have your Back!

I’m sure that many of you have at one time or another heard the expression “I’ll have your back”. These words are not to be taken lightly because they imply: Integrity, responsibility and trust. 87 more words


Learning to Share

One good lesson that we could learn from birds, believe it or not is not complicated at all but we could use it to change our perspective of our lives if we wish to live in the World Society, in peace without greed, divisions, aggression and several other unbecoming behaviors, by  122 more words