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Binge Birding: CBC Bingo Results #1

Final results aren’t in, but this is what I remember after a weekend of binge birding. My recommendation is to fill out the bingo card as you go along, not after! 489 more words


Finch Findings

This winter’s theme is a “mixed bag” of finch movements.

~Ron Pittaway, Ontario Field Ornithologists

After seeing the first Purple Finches at my feeder a few weeks ago, I started searching online for some information. 613 more words

Natural History

Following Ms. House Finch

The House Finches don’t take any guff from the other birds — even those bigger than them. They’ll hog the seed bowl and feeders, eating quite leisurely on the spot. 33 more words


House Finch 'Carpodacus mexicanus' illustration - work in progress

Work continues on the House Finch illustration this week. So far, I have painted in the background and also the main colour areas for the bird itself. 36 more words

Tarja Barton

House Finch Grace

Rare birds are always a treat, and I certainly enjoy searching the globe for birds I have not seen.  But common birds add a spirited pinch of life to each and every day, and that’s a true gift. 14 more words


House finches

A couple of male house finches. Often confused with purple finches, but house finches are streaky brown on their flanks and purple finches are not. 119 more words