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Dawson Street Mid-Century Brick House

I want to love this 1952 house with original details, but the deal breaker is the lack of garage or basement for a workspace. That plus the fairly sketchy neighborhood make it a no-go — though the corner fireplace almost makes up for it.

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Sachen, die mir eingefallen sind III: Pointing out the obvious, tips for surviving.

Really more of a post for second years and people who haven’t started their years abroad yet, but there we go. If you really want to know how you sort out your life, this is the post for you. 2,257 more words


Cheers to the Weekend

I feel like I have so much to talk about and I just don’t even know where to begin! This week has been uber cray cray…between house hunting, work, wedding meetings, and sleeping, I’m wiped out! 543 more words

Ballard Fixer

I didn’t even bother to take pictures. It was really bad. Someone raised the floor about 6 inches, so every time you enter the house there’s an odd step up, and you risk a trip and fall. 26 more words

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The Poopy House

We loved the poopy house. We still love it, even with it’s poop-colored cemented siding. But it was too expensive for what it was. It was a fantastic location, and had tons of potential. 19 more words

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Cute Bowen Street House in Columbia City

Very cute little house with original details intact. If only we had already seen a lot of places this may have been the one. But we weren’t ready. 31 more words

House Hunt

Fred Meyer Fixer

This was the first house. It’s location behind the Fred Meyer in Greenwood wasn’t the worst thing. There are no sidewalks there, but still not the worst. 10 more words

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