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Piccata, Ricotta, Frittata*

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to a weekend… it has been a long and lonely week.

Wednesday night was a homework night for Josh. I binge-watched Netflix and worked on a project. 1,011 more words

4 Bedrooms, 2.5 baths...and Donuts???

Can you tell what is going on in this photo? It’s “Bobbing for Donuts.” (You know, like bobbing for apples, turned upside down, with no chance of drowning.) This game was one of the many events that took place at a recent neighborhood Block Party…to the delight of all. 456 more words

Moving Pains

House hunting is difficult. Even when I know what I want exactly, it’s still difficult.

We checked out a condo yesterday that we both fell in love with. 501 more words


No Longer a Hotel-Wife

In two weeks I will no longer be a hotel-wife because we found our house!

Right when I was getting used to dialing 4 digits and away the laundry would go coming back pressed in 5 hours. 895 more words

Starting Out Your House Hunt

Thinking of your future will definitely impart the idea of independence – and that is when owning a house surfaces in your mind. But do you know that shopping for an ideal house can be much more complicated than shopping for your clothes? 372 more words

Not everything that stinks is caca and not everything that glistens is gold

Waiting for Boss Man to come home from work we looked thru a different window and realized just how close we are to the Mosque (Jasmines palace) 898 more words

House hunting/ grovelling

Searching for a job and a home at the same time proved a difficult act to juggle. I seemed to be in the classic ‘chicken and egg’ situation: I was scared about committing to deposits for rooms before I had an income, yet it would be hard to find a job with no address or base to look from. 1,292 more words