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The cookbook

As a forgetful kind of person I make notes in my diary regarding almost everything I need to remember. Mid-October it tells me to make the Christmas cake. 317 more words


The 'haves' and not the 'have nots'

Something bad happened nine weeks ago, and things have been really tough.  One really bad thing happened, plus two of my friends passed away – it has been horrible.  905 more words

Have Desk, Will Finish

As I noted yesterday in a comment, yes, the desk’s finished:

Now, two things of immediate importance need sorting out, although not necessarily in this order: 134 more words



Hi. How do. Salutations.

To the vacuous space which *could* one day be readers of my blog/diary/ramblings, nice to meet you and this is who I am; 130 more words


A Desk.... Eventually, I Hope

My desk has arrived!

And after opening the two large boxes and laying out the numerous parts to attempt to prepare to construct it (tomorrow, because I can’t face this now, today), I became firmly convinced that one level of Hell must consist of the damned spending eternity being compelled to put together ever more complicated self-assembly furniture. 13 more words


Catch Up!

Wow, what a couple of months it has been for us!! I don’t know quite where to start with explaining what’s been happening!

As many will know, my little boy had been suffering all too often with his tonsils, so we decided to have them taken out. 511 more words


Mean witch

The conundrum the other day was how cold it was in the conservatory, aka our dining room. It was probably slightly colder than it was in the fridge (that’s the fridge that came with the house, and which is integrated, and that is why we put up with it being a little on the warm side). 316 more words