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A Lil' Bitch About "House Of Cards"

I watched the first season of the show, and I wanted to spout a bit. To start with, the photo above never happened.

The only way Zoe can do her job, is by fucking people for favors and information. 98 more words

House of Cards - S02E08

Frank continues to push the issue of the bridge in order to make things work with the Chinese diplomats, and does a pretty good job of convincing the President that it a good idea. 198 more words

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Frank Underwood Confronts His Civil War Heritage

Netflix’s premier series House of Cards is a political drama that is raw, exhilarating and downright devious. The lead character, Democratic Party politician Frank Underwood of South Carolina, is easily the most diabolical character I think I’ve ever witnessed on television. 1,118 more words

Civil War (Civil War Memory)

One day in Zurich gone in seconds: time-lapse with Raspberry

Time-lapse videos are a great dramatic feature of many TV shows and movies; for example the entire opening titles of House of Cards is made using this technique. 519 more words

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Vodafone customers could watch Netflix for free (The Telegraph)

Vodafone and Netflix in talks to launch TV and film service in the next few months

Vodafone customers could soon be able to watch films and TV shows on their smartphones for free, under a deal being hatched with Netflix. 66 more words

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House of Cards 2.09: Freddy, We Hardly Knew Ye

Hullo, everybody! We’ve entered the home stretch! It’s the fifth-to-last episode of House of Cards! That means it will only take another month for this series of recaps to end! 2,097 more words


'The Writers' Room'

This fun series that looks at the inner workings of other shows is back for a second season and is once again hosted by Academy Award-winning writer Jim Rash. 47 more words