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Book Review: Redeemed A House of Night Novel

By Ameerah Holliday

P.C and Kristen Cast, the number one New York Times and worldwide Bestselling mother daughter duo we have all come to know and love, have teamed up for what may be the last time to write the exciting finale for The House of Night Series, Redeemed . 598 more words

Issue 1

If the House of Night Series was set in Korea...

So I just finished the House of Night series, ALL OF IT, which took a long time. I didn’t want all that effort to go to waste so I thought that I gotta do something… And this is what happened. 517 more words

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon!

I am so so so excited to join in on the Dewey’s 24 hour readthon happening October 18th! This will be my first time doing a 24 hour redathon! 99 more words

Photography Challenge Day 2- Something You Hate

With Halloween coming up, it’s time to read all those dark and creepy gripping tales that scare you into the hallows season. However, when books in one of your favourite book store are misplaced in such a grotesque manner, I’m frightened of where we’re headed when it comes to horror books. 69 more words


Revealed (House of Night Novel 11), P.C. and Kristin Cast

Neferet has finally been defeated by Zoey Redbird and her friends with the help of some unlikely friends. Or, so they think. For the time being Neferet is not an immediate threat, but they know she is not gone for good. 240 more words

Book Reviews

Marked (House of Night #1) by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

After a Vampire Tracker Marks her with a crescent moon on her forehead, 16-year-old Zoey Redbird enters the House of Night and learns that she is no average fledgling. 1,166 more words


#WCW: Zoey Redbird

Zoey Redbird

Book/Series: House of Night by PC and Kristin Cast

Species: Blue fledgling

Age: 16

Height: unknown

Nicknames: Zo

Why I love her: Zoey Redbird is a character I love because I feel like she’s portrayed like a normal teenager who fucks up all the time and has to learn things the hard way. 172 more words