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Tempted Chapter 10: Goldfish Memories

This chapter starts off exactly where the last chapter left off.  With Zoey standing in a hallway.  She thinks about the events from the previous chapter just in case we forgot. 754 more words

House Of Night

Tempted Chapter 9: Zoey's Brain Works Things Out

We’re back with Zoey again, which means nothing is going to happen for the next five chapters, or so. I question what the point of this book is. 1,527 more words

House Of Night

Tempted Chapter 8: Boring, Boring, Boring

I really put this off for a long time. A very long time. My apologies, but this book…. this book… is just…. super boring. That’s really my only excuse. 587 more words

House Of Night

Marked (House of Night): The Last Airbender (Part II)


Chapter Fourteen

Now it’s fencing class, taught by a guy with tattoos, (Shh! Don’t tell Kylie from Born at Midnight!) who is really boring. 2,010 more words


Marked (House of Night): The Last Airbender (Part I)

Condensed review here on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/575294174

Well, here we are again, another YA paranormal romance. This one was chosen because I’ve seen a lot more reviews of it recently, and it’s a little different from the others I’ve reviewed. 1,956 more words


Top Ten Tuesday #8

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is taking on a back to school theme, seems rather fitting as I literally went back to school yesterday. This week’s Top Ten is: 129 more words

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Marked: Chapter Five

Here’s chapter five, sorry for the ridiculous delay. I’m going to actually get to a schedule now that I’m not off at summer camps.

Anyway, lots of racism here. 941 more words

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