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Days 23-25: Floors!

We have floors, people! Not dusty concrete floors; wood floors. And they are pretty! Dusty, but pretty!

Trent, a helpful carpenter named Ramon and my dad all had a hand in the flooring installation this weekend. 265 more words


Days 20-22: Paint is done! Well, almost...

Oil based paint fumes are thick in the air of Ugly House, which means trim has been painted, which means walls have been painted, which means I am HAPPY! 284 more words


Whats Old is New Again

One Mans Garbage

Evey since we bought this house we have been lucky, at lease that is way it feels. Working as a carpenter I have seen tons of perfectly good material tossed in the dumpster, so I wasn’t as surprised as some in my family at the amount and quality of used building material we have found with the exception of the new soaking tub with jets still in the box.   334 more words

House Remodel

Kitchen, where to begin!

As you can reference in my first Post, the kitchen is “updated” but probably not as modern as I might like for my new home. 220 more words


The beginning...(Photos from Home Posting)

We’re just about to close escrow and be home owners of this beautiful home.
It was built in 1951 but has had generous upgrades / extensions since 2008 but it is not “our” style in… 88 more words


Days 15-17: Paint and moving.

Today we moved most of our stuff from Pretty House to Ugly House. In the pouring rain. I suppose people that live in Seattle are fully prepared to move a house full of stuff during a down pour, but over here in Austin, that’s just not how we roll. 799 more words


Old house rehab; part 1

Creativity expresses itself in many ways and one of the ways that David and I have expressed ourselves over the years is in rehabilitating houses; old ones in particular.   402 more words

Color Study