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D&D 5E - Uses for a shield

What is the best use of a Shield and Longsword combo?

I received this inquiry the other day: “I like to play a Paladin that often uses a Shield and Long Sword combo. 372 more words

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My 5e D&D Injury System

So a while back I made a post detailing my “Injury System” for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  It was roughly modeled after the Dragon Age: Origins injuries but without all the unruly book keeping that came with the ups and downs of temporarily changing ability scores.   571 more words


Snow day

There is nothing worse than having to drive all the way into work then do very little b/c most of the clients cancel out on their appointments due to the weather. 212 more words

House Rules

Issue 2 - House Rules

“Why exactly is there a ruler in my ass?” Hector asked after coming home late from poker night.

“Because I want to see just how much shit you’re about to spew!” said his girlfriend. 226 more words


The 5e Dungeon Master's Guide

The box from Amazon came, and after a review I can say that overall I like it. Plenty of stuff in there I’ll never use, but there was plenty of stuff in the original 1e DMG that I never used (I, for example, am not a fan of random tables…). 393 more words

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Familiars and more for Wizards

Anyone else notice that they really nerfed Familiars in 5e?

I mean, on the one hand, they did utterly remove the whole “you’re screwed if your familiar dies” thing to compensate, but at the same time Familiars are now pretty much almost as worthless as the canon 1e version. 567 more words

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House Rules

There are many transitions in life, some unnoticed, others briefly mentioned.  Some are celebrated, other grieved.  Some unexpected, others long awaited and planned for.

With each transition, something old is lost while something else is gained.   958 more words

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