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Penn Derby day preview, part II

Parx racecourse and casino in Bensalem, PA will be the place to be on Saturday, 9/20 when some of horses racing’s elite compete in several graded events. 298 more words


From A to Z. From Z to the controversial. Inspiration from Jodi Picoult.

I was on the Jodi Picoult train before there really was one. Before Cameron Diaz stared in the movie adaption of My Sister’s Keeper. Before Ellen DeGeneres bought the rights to Sing You Home. 669 more words

Op-Ed Pieces

5E - Vehicle Skills

In the new 5E rules there is a somewhat confusing (at least to me) discussion of vehicles and vehicle skills, and how these work. It is most especially confusing when it comes to the skill “Animal Handling” (which theoretically covers riding all mounts) and then listing saddles and such in with the vehicles. 258 more words

Game Design

House Rules For 5th Edition

These are the house rules that have been instituted in our campaign here so far while playing 5th Edition. I can personally attest to the helpfulness of the hit points house rule…it kept the game session going when the characters battled the Goblins in the Cragmaw Hideout. 514 more words


5E Background - The Winter Soldier (Campaign Specific Variant)

Shamelessly ganked but credited to the fantastic blog Hack and Slash at http://hackslashmaster.blogspot.ca/ I have adapted slightly to make it more applicable to my own campaign world. 907 more words

Game Design

5E - Warlock Patron - The Celestial

The Celestial
You have made your pack with a Celestial, one the great powers of Good who are committed to combatting and thwarting evil in all it’s forms. 376 more words

Game Design

Substitute Parent

What if, you were incapacitated in some manner and needed someone to step in and run your household? In many jobs you are required to have an alternate so that you have coverage in case you go on vacation or are otherwise absent.   185 more words