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Fighting with Size Issues

Welcome to the Gibbering Mouth article for March 5th, 2014. Today’s article is a Wednesday Rant; the topic is the size mechanic as it pertains to Pathfinder. 1,499 more words

Gibbering Mouth

Magic the Gathering Variant

I have been playing Magic the Gathering for more than 15 years, probably closer to 20, and I have always had a horrible time with getting mana into play.  171 more words


It’s Prom Season. Although I’ve been many moons removed from prom I still remember all six of the proms I went to. I also remember all six of them I had to be in the house by midnight. 1,013 more words

Man Look

The Full Fiasco-Based D&D Starting Set

Duh, I figured I should share the actual final sheets as we used them at the table, eh?

In use, use the normal Fiasco system (a pool of 4d6 per player present, each player must have a relationship with the player to the right and left of them, and each relationship must either have a Desire/Need or a Location). 120 more words


Run for you lives!

Deep in sleep and happily content when I am awakened by the loudest noise ever.
It’s the damn fire alarm. Whoever had the nerve to start a fire at 2 am has seriously got some explaining to do. 318 more words


Fiasco D&D - the Final Set

Back in February, I posted the first two of three sections for my Fiasco D&D startup set. The goal is to use the setup system from the Fiasco RPG to produce a web of interconnected characters for a D&D game. 375 more words


OPERATION VI - Hex-Based Space Combat

This post is a summary of my most recent session of our CRUSH the REBELLION campaign, now in full swing and progressing very well; a brief list of “lessons learned” from playing in this seemingly unique campaign model, as well as a discussion of the new house rules for tactical space combat we used for this operation. 1,023 more words