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Family Fun (Actual play)

Ran a game this week! AND I finally killed one of the bastards – even if the Cleric managed to save him shortly thereafter.

I was down in Oregon for my cousin’s wedding (glorious: the groom wore a Regency riding-coat, purple silk waistcoat and cravat, and… 1,423 more words

Random Encounter Checks

So, random encounters.  I’ve been following discussion over at the something awful forums on the new edition of D&D, and one of the thoughts that occurs to me is the lack of adapting what are really some classic, needed rules if one is to play old school D&D. 303 more words

Campaign Setting

House Rules

Not a long post today (I’m getting married really soon, so my attention is slightly diverted!) but this is a post I’ve been thinking of awhile, and may expand on later. 317 more words

Brikenbrak Games

Demonologist Class

This class was recently featured in Issue #3 of Brave the Labyrinth, a fan-written magazine by Small Niche Games. I’m glad to have been a part of it. 2,050 more words

House Rules

Geordie Hoose Rules

Following on from my post about Newcastle and the Geordie culture, today I saw this amazing photo which encompasses the Geordie way of life perfectly…complete with accent. 9 more words


Experience by Class

AD&D (2nd Edition) DMG, pg32-35: Creating New Character Classes. This is an optional rule, but one that has always piqued my curiosity. I played with these rules when I first started as a DM and I quickly threw them out. 776 more words

House Rules

D&D 5e - Chase rules

Optional House Rules for D&D 5e

A couple of years ago I published chase rules for D&D v3.5. You can download them here.
With the release of the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, those rules seem rather heavy. 598 more words

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