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[class] Innrider for D&D 3.5e

This one is from the archives, written up by me maybe 10 years ago. What’s up with the Innrider? Let me answer that with a question: In your game, has there ever been a situation where a halfling or gnome got up on the shoulders of another large and strong PC and “rode” around for a bit? 720 more words


House Rules

This is my second ever attempt at paper cutting. Again I really need to practice my curves a little more but over all considering it is cut from printer paper it has turned out quite well. 45 more words


Party rules

So my following note to a very helpful grandma of one of my daughter’s friends sums up the insane whirlwind of this season’s birthday parties: 631 more words

Diapers And Deadlines

Roommates | A Guide

Hello there,

This year I moved out of home, to a new city, and into an apartment with four complete strangers.  I’m not going to lie, the thought of living with people who I didn’t know,  in a place I didn’t know was absolutely petrifying but its an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. 694 more words


5E - Arcane Tradition - Diabolism

This Arcane Tradition has it’s roots in the old White Dwarf class of the Summoner, these ended up becoming a set of very powerful mages in the Shadowlands who essentially acted, as one NPC put it, “lawyers”. 837 more words

Game Design

Advantage to the Max!

As I discussed previously, Advantage is the powerful yet simple super-mechanic that sits within D&D5, providing an easily managed impetus to drive the game in whatever direction the DM wants to go: if not its beating heart, then certainly a clean well regulated kidney or perfectly functioning non-cirrohtic liver. 1,076 more words