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Estate Agent

Phase 1b... House Liquidation

Soon the house for me will be a memory and just before that the “Estate Sale” will happen. In other parts of this country they call selling your stuff for pennies on the dollar a yard or garage sale, here in California we call them estate sales.. 74 more words

This Too Will Pass


My scrambling feet losing
Ground slipping, head only down

Looking for something to hold
On to, a glimmer

A comforting lead, exposed
Roots, a twisted branch 129 more words


When Their Ship Comes In

That expression; “When my ship comes in”, dates to the Age-of-Sail. A businessman who invested in some mercantile venture in those days would receive his payoff after a vessel arrived from China or India or elsewhere bearing all manner of exotic and expensive goods to be sold for astounding profit. 711 more words


A guide to becoming more enchanting...

I guess you don’t get to be a Chief Evangelist of anything if you’re not enchanting.

Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist for design platform Canva (and formerly with Apple), most certainly is. 521 more words

Real Estate

The Skank Next Door...

What up peeps?!? Long time no write, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Great news, I sold my Alabama house. The bad news (for my old neighbors) is that there’s a skank next door. 485 more words


Can DIY jobs make it harder for you to sell your home?

If you own a home chances are you’ve done some Do It Yourself (DIY) work. Why? Well, most likely because you wanted to save some money…we all know it can cost a small fortune to call in a professional. 387 more words

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