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White House Expects Boehner To Make An Attempt To Impeach Pres. Obama [VIDEO]

One of President Barack Obama‘s top advisers said that he expects House Republicans will file articles of impeachment against the president.

On Friday, Dan Pfeiffer… 96 more words

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Boehner: 'We've Got A President That's AWOL' On The Border Crisis

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — House Speaker John Boehner says that President Barack Obama has been AWOL on the border crisis.

During a press conference, Boehner accused the president and his administration flip-flopping of whether to change a 2008 anti-trafficking law to make it easier to return the Central American immigrant children back home. 531 more words


House Panel Clears Way For Vote On Obama Lawsuit

WASHINGTON (AP) — Over Democratic objections, Republicans cleared the way Thursday for a House vote on legislation authorizing an election-year lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of failing to implement the 4-year-old health care law as it was written. 561 more words


GOP Rep: 'We're Now Jumping Right In The Middle Of Obama's Nightmare And Making It Ours'

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — At an impasse on immigration, House Republicans and Senate Democrats advanced competing proposals Wednesday for dealing with tens of thousands of young migrants showing up at the southern border. 936 more words


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RULINGS ON OBAMACARE: “The legal battle over President Obama’s healthcare law ramped up again Tuesday, as two federal appeals courts handed down conflicting rulings on whether the government can continue to pay subsidies nationwide to millions of low- and middle-income people to help them with the cost of insurance. 2,642 more words

Reid: 'Radical Republicans Would Rather Hold These Kids Ransom'

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prospects for action on the nation’s border crisis faded Thursday as lawmakers traded accusations rather than solutions, raising chances that Congress will head out for its summer recess without doing anything about the tens of thousands of migrant children streaming into South Texas. 821 more words


Boehner: Return Central American Kids Faster

On Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner he can’t envision a U.S. response to the border crisis that doesn’t involving speeding up the process of returning unaccompanied Central American children home.