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Pelosi: Boehner Invite to Netanyahu 'Inappropriate'

WASHINGTON — The leader of the House Democrats said Thursday that Republican Speaker John Boehner blundered when he invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress amid sensitive negotiations about Iran’s nuclear program and in the shadow of Israel’s elections. 326 more words


Boehner Spokesman: Obama Isn't Living In Reality

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Prodding the new Republican Congress from a conservative state, President Barack Obama on Wednesday urged GOP lawmakers to work with him on an agenda that helps the middle class and insisted they offer better alternatives if they disagree with his ideas. 437 more words


Boehner invites Israeli leader Netanyahu to address Congress on Iran


WASHINGTON (AP) — Rebuffing President Barack Obama on Iran, House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday he had invited Israel’s prime minister to address a joint meeting of Congress next month about the threats from Tehran and radical Islam. 638 more words

Obama Seeks Tax Increase On Wealthy To Help Middle Class, GOP Pushes Back

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will call for increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans by raising the capital gains rate and eliminating a tax break on inheritances, then using the revenue to fund new tax credits and other cost-saving measures for the middle class. 1,119 more words


House to vote on undoing Obama immigration actions

House Republicans are nearing a vote on Wednesday, to overturn Obama’s controversial immigration actions, despite deep Democratic opposition and an uncertain fate for the bill in the Senate. 366 more words


Suspect In Boehner Threat Held At Devens Medical Center

CINCINNATI (AP) — An Ohio bartender with a history of psychiatric illness was indicted on a charge of threatening to murder House Speaker John Boehner, possibly by poisoning his drink at a country club or shooting him, according to court documents. 600 more words


Ohio Bartender Accused Of Plan To Kill House Speaker John Boehner

OHIO (WLNS) – An Ohio man is wanted by law enforcement after federal officials say he threatened to kill House Speaker John Boehner.

The man is identified is Michael Hoyt. 55 more words