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GAME OF THRONES: SPOILERS! (but you should already know!)



JOFFREY IS DEAD!!! FINALLY!! Oh my god I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw him choking to death in the last episode!  19 more words

House Stark

Hello,Game of Thrones season 4!
And hello new pair of painted Converse!

It took me about a day and a half to make these ones. I can finally show you the result. 104 more words


A Piscean Escape from Westeros

As promised, I will continue with more Westerosi sun sign fun. I didn’t want to go this long without a post, but deciding to take six classes this semester really took a toll on my blogging. 361 more words


Wednesday WIP

I have actually been making some books this week, but this Game of Thrones embroidery keeps luring me away…

General Craftiness

To Kill A Direwolf

In the last three seasons Game of Thrones has established that in Westeros you will certainly die if you are Sean Bean or Sean Bean’s wife or Sean Bean’s son or Sean Bean’s daughter-in-law or Sean Bean’s family dog or Sean Bean’s unborn grandchild. 691 more words