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Money habits: Create a budget

April is Financial Literacy Month

Day 14, create a budget. We are half way through the month of April but we’re just touching the tip of your way of living. 411 more words

Bahiyah Shabazz

Day 7 - I know I said walk, but....

If you have to drive, maintain your car.

One of the best things you can do, if you need to/ choose to drive your car and still want to reduce your environmental impact, is to properly maintain your vehicle.   638 more words

30 Day Challenge

No Flyers Please

I’m issuing myself a 30 day challenge.  They’re all the rage these days and, in this case, I think it will be extremely effective (and more enjoyable than the 30 day squat challenge I did last month). 696 more words

30 Day Challenge

Canada's game? Hockey losing ground among cash-strapped families

In the past six years, the population of Canada has grown by more than two million people.

The total growth in the number of new novice hockey players within the country’s four biggest hockey-playing provinces over that time? 623 more words


The Hamster Wheel of Life: Legacy Planning

Now is the time of year that you will be hearing from financial institutions, and perhaps even your own personal wealth advisors about putting money aside for retirement. 854 more words


Living Pay to Pay

At the end of January, I made a big contribution to my RRSP (retirement fund), to the point of wiping out my cash savings. My next pay dates were February 6 and 20. 660 more words

Personal Finance

my least favorite thing

Let me apologize in advance to you math geeks and accounting lovers everywhere…I hate numbers. I’m sorry for the brashness of it, but after 40 + years of living, it’s still a foreign language. 950 more words