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A Budget is Like Life...They Don't Always Go as Planned

Wow how time flies! It’s been over 2 years since my last post and I was just getting started. At times life happens and priorities change. 207 more words

Household Budget

The Great Pocket Money Debate

From the moment your child turns old enough to understand the concept of money, he or she is going to expect some pocket money. There’s a lot of debate about when kids should start getting pocket money, for how long they should get it, and how much money they actually need. 156 more words


Budget Review and Advice to Self

This year I began a new style of budgeting. Since we’re more than 10 months into the year and I can predict how the year will end, I am trying to learn some lessons early and decide how to budget for 2015. 677 more words


5 Money Mistakes

Money can be a touchy subject, but it is something I am very interested in. Not necessarily making it, but learning to be good with money. 1,220 more words

Life On Paper


My husband likes to say that if someone is offering you an insurance policy or a warranty, then you can know they expect they’ll make money on that.  445 more words

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Revamping your food list means revamping your body!

In the last fifteen years, I became more and more aware of the current scientific and nutritional information as it applies to health and wellness.  I’m not sure what year the Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen list was originally released, but it is one of the guidelines that I have used for the last five years.  386 more words