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Why Costlier Cigarettes are In No One’s Interest

Last week, the newly appointed finance minister walked into the Parliament flaunting the trademark brief case that had the financial fate of the country and its people sealed in it. 753 more words


Household Budgets - How to Create a Budget and Manage Your Money

Wondering how to set a realistic household budget? In this class from CredAbility Nonprofit Credit Counseling and Education, you will learn how to set and re… 20 more words

Half Year Budget

Every once in a while, I do a personal finance post. This is not a frugality blog. It’s more like a “Mortgage-Free Couple Spends Every Penny of Their Dual Incomes” blog. 748 more words


It's Too Easy For Budget To Spin Out Of Control

Nowadays, it’s all too easy for us to ‘live for today and pay for it tomorrow’. The vast majority of adults will have some kind of credit line and will pay for things with money they have borrowed and, perhaps, the most worrying thing is that it’s becoming more accepted in society that ‘if we wan…
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Cheap Car Insurance For Those On A Budget

Most Americans today are on some kind of budget. Maybe they have families and need to budget money according to food, clothing, education, and entertainment costs. 25 more words


The Secret Of Home Budgeting

A home budget is based on your income and expenses. It is the best step towards building sound money management. It helps you to keep a track on your expenses and adjust your outgoings in a way that they do not exceed your income. 15 more words


The Benefits Of Having A Personal Budget Planner

There are plenty fancy ideas out there for personal budget planners. You can use them on your computer or on handheld devices. They sound like awesome little gadgets except it gives you the idea that owning one will mean you’ll somehow have tons of extra money. 10 more words