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America’s richest cities

Despite an ongoing economic recovery in the U.S., American households are still struggling. While last year the median household income rose to $52,250, Americans are still not as well off as they were just a few years earlier — in 2009, the median household income was $54,389. 1,823 more words


Let’s celebrate the economy … err, let’s wait.

Lots of end-zone dancing last week re: the economy.

The President says that all indicators are good, and that folks who aren’t feelin’ it just “don’t get it” because they’re watching FoxNews too much. 435 more words

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Bajet Pemandu dilimpahi barakah tak terhitung-hitung

Orang Malaysia nampaknya miskin.

Lebih separuh (yakni 53%) daripada kita berpendapatan kurang RM3,000 sebulan dan layak menerima BR1M. 605 more words

Najib Razak

Putrajaya’s household income statistics strays far from reality

In Malaysia, Putrajaya’s household income statistics strays far from reality

It may sound fantastic that Malaysia’s average monthly household income has gone up 18% to RM5,900 in 2014 from two years ago but economists say averages do not really tell whether Malaysians are better off than before. 529 more words


An ebbing tide lowers most boats

Most Americans today are poorer than their counterparts 15 years ago, no matter what their race, marital status, educational credentials or region of residence.

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a little change may make a big difference

You would think that there very substance of our existence would be important to us. In our list of needs and wants, needs obviously comes first and food is at the top matched only by water. 652 more words

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Auckland and Tauranga top New York for unaffordable houses

We published this firstly in January 2011, what is the case now?  House prices in Auckland in particular are so much worse than 2011, how can this be good for our country as a whole? 384 more words