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A Ray of sunshine on Day 7 of Stims

There is definatly a ray of sunshine today!  After weathering the storm yesterday, I was able to possibly nip this sickness in the beginning. I am feeling so much better today. 401 more words




不锈钢 = 铁 + {铬 + 钼 + 镍}

{铬 + 钼 + 镍}:
1 有毒
2 锅空烧(没有油或水)时, 会释放出来
3 锅壁的黄色绣 : 铬释放后氣化
4 焊接在内的地方用锡或铝 (有毒)。


Household Gods (Ted & Kristin Kluck) Audiobook Review

This is a book well worth checking out, especially if you are a parent currently raising your family. The writing style is quite engaging and enjoyable. 273 more words


Stims Day 6 Weathering the storm...

                    Have you ever woke up feeling sick , knowing you should not go to work but decide to weather the storm anyway?  Well, that is exactly me today. 413 more words


Household Wastes are the Next Big Calgary Drain Cleaning Difficulty

Plumbers that offer Calgary drain cleaning services will assess the extent of clogging in drainage pipes and will make the necessary adjustments to clean and clear the clogs out. 92 more words


Grand Life - Living Tip Two

Do you have a foul smell coming from your sink? It could be from your garbage disposal. Did you know that you can put ice into the disposal and run it? 43 more words


New 'regime' begins this weekend

Kids age, whether we like it or not. And something we have discovered is that as they age the task of keeping up with them expands dramatically. 426 more words