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This baby has been in the world less than a day and I already have 7 followers! You all are too kind.
Seriously, though, you 7 glorious people are the best — also, if you are just now joining the fun, include yourself in that praise, because you, beautiful, are equally amazing! 287 more words


Cycling Southward

People who know me already know this, but I suppose an announcement for the broader blog following is in order, so here it is: one month from now, I’ll be headed south to Minneapolis, where I’ll spend the next two years in graduate school. 592 more words

Housekeeping - the key to success! - Andrea Ellis

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m an OCD freak. Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

In all seriousness, I take keeping my house clean to a whole other level. 389 more words

Cooking And Housekeeping

Weekend Wrap-Up

It feels sacrilegious that I’m writing our weekend wrap-up on Sunday morning, but that’s sort of how the whole weekend has felt.  We had an awesome dinner with friends on Friday night, but Jason and his mom have had to spend the entire weekend (and nearly every weekend this summer) out at his father’s house preparing it for sale (we’re under contract!), which has made for a weekend that, frankly, feels a lot like the middle of the week.  472 more words


New blog series: 42 historical people!

Last December I began a series of articles called “42 Historical Objects,” which finished up just a few days ago. It was a very interesting and fun series to do and many of the regular readers of this blog responded to it very well. 277 more words



Today my husband helped me finish getting our son’s room ready for

  • our wonderful house/dogs/cat sitter to stay while we take a short trip, and…
  • 264 more words

A Sisyphean Task

Or…the ever dreaded laundry day.

In a perfect world, I would have a washer/dryer connection in my home, my older children would do their own laundry and I would never have to step foot inside another laundry mat again.   423 more words