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Rainy Sunday

It’s a very rainy, windy Sunday here.  Normally, we grocery shop for the week on Sundays, but the weather is such we might just wait and do it tomorrow. 188 more words

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Half-Done Office

In my every-28-year clean-out/give away/reorganize frame of mind -

today’s (and tomorrow’s) project was our office. My husband and I share office space, and it’s a very busy place. 385 more words


Every-28-year clean-up...

Regular as clockwork, every 28 years or so, I get in the mood to clean. I’ve already admitted to you that I’m not the best housekeeper. 253 more words

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Cleaning my art room...

This is absolutely true for me.

I decide I’m going to tackle the mess in my art room. Usually when

Quality Of Life

Spring Cleaning

My generally feeling about spring cleaning is that it’s a good idea, in theory. I mean, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s family did spring and fall cleaning every year, and they always lived in “little houses,” so if their houses needed it, mine probably do, too. 516 more words


Dog Bed Washing and Other Thankless Tasks

Several years ago we bought 4 medium-sized dog beds. We bought them because I liked the idea that you could throw the entire bed into the washer. 448 more words

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