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elastic bands – this week: S

It’sssss easier this week – gonna be a biggie, sssssso it’ssss up early again
The game to illustrate either:
How wildly eclectic your taste is… or, 146 more words

A housekeeping update

Hello, all,

I haven’t written anything in months, but it’s not because I haven’t wanted to or because I intend to stop. I’ve just been busy.  161 more words


l'étoile & LOL/OMG! are looking for contributors!


As you know by now, I am a senior contributor for  l’étoile, one of the definitive arts and culture blogs in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. 32 more words



Focus in writing and focus in general, both of which I’m struggling with these days.

The latter’s causes are easy to identify. Aside from the news about Susan and Barry, I’m in a new city (since New Year’s). 339 more words


Entering The Real World (Being A Grownup)

By request from a friend of mine who’s delaying the real world by pursuing a Master’s degree, I have decided to write a post that’s less about the realities of teaching and more about the realities of being a grown-up and living in the real world. 1,328 more words

Teacher In Training

Easter Eggs

Director of Careers Service, John Watkins, offers an unusual take on the variety of oval shaped chocolate temptations…..

‘Please buy a suitable Easter egg for…..’ It seemed a simple enough instruction but either things have changed dramatically in recent times or I have not been entrusted with this responsibility for a while. 196 more words

Tech Support

Hey there Book Clubbers. A while back, I remember someone, perhaps Kyle, mentioning that although they followed the blog, they for some reason never got emails when a new post was published. 242 more words