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Pagan Blog Project

I have decided to start participating in the Pagan Blog Project, since that’s liable to keep me writing regularly.

I’ve got a post written and queued for tomorrow already. I feel accomplished.


Today's Tip: Dusting ceiling fans

Clean/dust your ceiling fans by using a pillowcase (flannel pillowcases are perfect for this). Place an inside-out pillowcase over the fan blade so the fan blade is completely inside it, then wipe the dust right off and into the pillowcase. 114 more words



Friday, July 11

I head into summer thinking, This is great. The kids can help me clean every morning then there’ll be time for playing in the afternoon. 224 more words

July Update

Hello everyone, I really hope it’s not too hot and sticky where you are right now (it’s absolutely sweltering here…)

Some very exciting news for you – next month, Another Kind Of Mind will be a whole FIVE YEARS OLD! 266 more words



This baby has been in the world less than a day and I already have 7 followers! You all are too kind.
Seriously, though, you 7 glorious people are the best — also, if you are just now joining the fun, include yourself in that praise, because you, beautiful, are equally amazing! 287 more words


Today's Tip: Yucky job? Just do it!

If you’re waiting for the urge to tackle a nasty job to overtake you, you’d really better just get up and do it right now while you’re thinking about it and have a few minutes. 35 more words