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Visitors Always Welcome

Lovely to see some visits clicked through from our church website iffley.co.uk from friends in the States today. We have also publicised the project on Facebook (David’s suggestion). 26 more words

Forty Days Of Summer

Rant: Stay at home moms are being shamed?

I feel like stay at home moms are being shamed for not having careers. Like a person couldn’t possibly have a full life without one. I also have noticed that women I have met who are stay at home moms are extremely quick to let you know where they went to school, what they did before, or what they plan on doing after. 250 more words

Drumroll Please!!! Redesigns, Relaunchs, and a whole new blog!

Ok! So over the last few months I’ve worked to make this blog as readable and easy to enjoy as possible with a more intuitive layout, minimal advertising, and reliable posts. 315 more words

SHIFT is $1.99 on Smashwords through August

I’ve been working on the paperback for STAND lately, and, well, being that it’s the final edition of the final book in the Shift Series, working on it got me reflecting on this wild journey. 79 more words

Shift Series

Don't Judge A Cook By Her Counters

I don’t know about you, but I gauge how productive I’ve been at the end of the day by what my kitchen counters look like.  This morning, this is what the counter I call my “production counter” looked like. 384 more words

Living Day To Day

@TheBiancaDelRio Goes Back In The Closet

She’s moved from “housekeeping” to janitorial.

RuPaul's Drag Race