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Knock, knock

Shouldn’t this be, “Who’s there?”

“Bed bugs.”


Funny Pictures & Videos

The Welcome Room

Also known as the livingroom, the Welcome Room is the room most front doors open into.  It greets family member guests and visitors.  It welcomes you home.   628 more words


A Playboy, A Policeman, and Igor

Excerpt from, The Danish Pastry

After he got fingerprinted, Dax was taken to an investigation room:

Detective: “Okay, let’s start at the beginning. Tell me again, how did you get that Beemer?” 568 more words

Enduring Bonds: Estrangement proofing our kids

I am really excited to announce that I have finished my e-book, Enduring Bonds: Estrangement proofing our kids.

What’s it about?

This e-book will include readers in a personal journey of understanding and learning about how to navigate family estrangement in their family, with their children. 105 more words

Fiona McColl

Ways with Breadcrumbs

I have been making my own bread for about 8 years now. Home made bread doesn’t have the preservatives of commercial bread, so goes stale quite quickly. 331 more words


Hello, dear readers

I know I haven’t been writing much here lately. I’ve been doing some things for Raw Charge and working on getting a really big project set up. 119 more words

Tampa Bay Lightning

10 Ways to Go Green Right Now!

Happy Earth Day! What a wonderful occasion to make a fresh determination to help save the planet! A lot of times, people think of going green as simply recycling, or something on a larger scale that we have no control over (i.e. 678 more words