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Houseplants are the best - Sketchbook Peek 24

Happy Sunday!  I haven’t done much drawing this week because I’m still getting back to reality after 5 lovely days at Just So Festival. I’m catching up on lots of admin, emailing and planning for two upcoming projects. 117 more words


Don't Stop Me Now

I’ve finally decided to do that most adult of things in life.

I got a houseplant.

Actually, I got 3. One as a housewarming gift from my friends, Sarah and Lea (Mabel, the Orchid), and two as a gift to my black thumb to try and turn it back to green again (Fred, the Cactus and Tina, the Succulent/Echeveria). 58 more words

Black Thumb

Lemon Fruit & Flowers, Summer 2014

The (only) fruit that my lemon tree set while it was indoors last winter has grown considerably and is now getting ripe.

At about 2.75 inch (70 mm) diameter and over 3 inches (76 mm) long, it’s probably the largest lemon fruit I’ve ever seen.   148 more words


Creeping Charlie

Repotted my Creeping Charlie plant!  I like the new pot and I think it does too. :)


Pelargoniums continued

I think this Appleblossom pelargonium is sooooo pretty. I wish I had more than one! 6 more words

Finally....Falling Snow

So this week has been filled with painting, exploring our crawlspace (please don’t make me do that again, there were spiders everywhere), and finishing the tearing up of the underlay and floor prep. 267 more words


Project Keiki #2: Stuff is Happening!

I just realized that I had forgotten to post this picture from the 30th of June:

This was growing on my Phalaenopsis SOGO Twinkle Abundance. And this is the same growth today: 96 more words