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Orchids Are Weird

Have you ever noticed how weird orchids really look? As my dad says, only the flowers are actually pretty. And then these plants proceed to demand copious amounts of time and attention from their caretakers! 160 more words


Meet this funky cactus. He’s been living with us for over a year now. He joined our family in the first round of houseplants we acquired, shortly after we returned from our Hawaiian honeymoon. 139 more words


The Terrarium

I love thrift stores. I love the hunt and the sense possibility and the deals. I love having objects that carry their own history, that have been in lives before they’ve come into mine. 618 more words


weekend snaps

From over the weekend.

1. We sent fun birthday messages to a bunch of friends and family.

2. It was soggy and rainy, so we did some inside end of summer cleaning and reorganizing. 16 more words


Lemon is Ripe

At least, it’s ripe by my standard:  it fell off the tree during the night.  By this point the fruit usually smells “lemony,” but although it looks ripe I can’t smell anything.   137 more words


Challenge: Day #1 The Daily Dose Of... Dying Houseplants

Challenge #1: a houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

Dear Houseplant,

You’re certain that your life doesn’t make sense, but believe me, death wouldn’t be much better.  92 more words


Houseplants are the best - Sketchbook Peek 24

Happy Sunday!  I haven’t done much drawing this week because I’m still getting back to reality after 5 lovely days at Just So Festival. I’m catching up on lots of admin, emailing and planning for two upcoming projects. 117 more words