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Houses in Art - Edivaldo Barbosa de Souza

Some call his art naive. I never got human's desire to classify everything, sort everything into groups, apply tags…. Why do you have to call it names? 254 more words

Houses in Art - Maria Arango - Bio Amendment

I did a blog post in June about wonderful art of Cuban Artist Maria Arango. And not long ago I received an e-mail from Maria. 215 more words

Houses In Art - Isaac Levitan

Since I was about 5 years old I could entertain myself for hours and hours with an album and some watercolors. And since I remember myself my Grandpa was giving me albums of reproductions of famous artists. 925 more words

No Houses - Just Art, Inna Kuzubova

I came across this amazing artist and her amazing works and decided to make a little exception to "Houses in Art". At the end of the day, it is not bricks and mortar that makes a house into a home – it is the warmth of our hearts! 202 more words

Houses in Art - Sam Park

Even though Italian football team was quite disappointing this year, Italian landscapes never fail. Italian houses in art (and some French as well) by Sam Park, amazing and very productive artist 591 more words

Houses in Art - Victor Shvaiko

An artist of uneasy destiny and amazing talent, Victor Shvaiko. I wonder, how Russia, Ukraine and many other post-Soviet countries never manage to retain the true talent and the most outstanding artists end up anywhere but there native land. 514 more words

Houses in Art - James Lee

Reminds me the art of Thomas Kinkade – peaceful, dreamy, full of vibrant colors and mistery – art by James Lee

Classic Garden Retreat 255 more words