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Houses in Art - Sam Park

Even though Italian football team was quite disappointing this year, Italian landscapes never fail. Italian houses in art (and some French as well) by Sam Park, amazing and very productive artist

Houses in Art - Victor Shvaiko

An artist of uneasy destiny and amazing talent, Victor Shvaiko. I wonder, how Russia, Ukraine and many other post-Soviet countries never manage to retain the true talent and the most outstanding artists end up anywhere but there native land.

Houses in Art - James Lee

Reminds me the art of Thomas Kinkade – peaceful, dreamy, full of vibrant colors and mistery – art by James Lee

Classic Garden Retreat

Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary to all my friends, readers and supporters!

Hard to believe that my little project that started last year on June 25 is not a baby anymore! It is actually a full size toddler, with its own routine, circle of friends and a point of view. 404 more words

Houses in Art - Kim Jacobs

Happy mess, toys and cats, flowers and Grandma's furniture, arts and crafts, baking and embroidery, full of life and energy, artworks by Kim Jacobs!

Houses in Art - Carol Sadowski

Truly romantic artist Carol Sadowski stands out among other artists with her beautiful, slightly childish manner of painting seascapes, boats and of course fairy tail pink houses. 443 more words

Houses in Art - Kerry Hallam

Good morning, Sunshine! Welcome, Summer! Hope you are here for a while! The hero of my Sunday post – Kerry Hallam.