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Houses in Art - Debra Hurd

Lose the smoke, keep the fire! This is the main idea I get from Debra's works – bright, bold, vibrant, live! Enjoy!

Times Square

Houses in Art - Nathan Walsh

Amazing artist Nathan Walsh paints with such precision it is hard to believe this is not a photograph in front of you! Enjoy!

23 Skidoo… 654 more words

Houses in Art - Antonio Nunziante

I can bet you've never seen anything like this before. It is unreally real, brain twisting and absolutely stunning. Antonio Nunziante and his amazing works!

Houses in Art - Rick Taylor

This would be more of streetcars in art, as there is barely a single painting by Rick Taylor, where streetcar is not present. What a true Torontonian he is, amazing singer of his lovely city! 687 more words

Houses in Art - Maria Chepeleva

A little sad, romantic and illusive, her style will never leave you indifferent. Maria Chepeleva from Kharkov, Ukraine, originally from Bakhchisarai, Crimea. Not even sure what is Crimea now, Russia or Ukraine, what a shameful string of events…. 524 more words

Houses in Art - Lee Mothes

Oceans and Dreams… This is a general topic of Lee Mothes' paintings. How far those dreams seem to be now. Where are you summer?

Beaches, waves, and the ocean’s energy have never ceased to fascinate and enchant this artist. 293 more words

Houses in Art - Diane Millsap

What attracts you in art? Subject? Patterns? Idea? For me it is color! Vivid vibrant colors, creating the illusion of real time presence, slightly opening the curtain of artist's soul. 379 more words