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Buildings of the Valencian vegetable garden, first color pictures of the blog!

Diana Pallás Romero

Trick or Treat?

When it comes to Halloween, if find that people fall into two categories. ‘Love It’ or Hate it’. I myself, fall into the latter. Partly because Halloween has never been a huge deal where I live and partly because as a child, I was never allowed to go trick-or-treating, so I tend to harbor a bit of resentment against anyone who gets to have fun around this time… 261 more words

Everything To Do With Houses

I’m going to be pretty brief with this post, because I have an inspection at some point today (from the message left on my phone, most likely in about an hour) and I don’t really want to be here for it. 292 more words


'Cash machine' homes

For the older generation, the only way many will get the retirement they want is to find a way to unlock the capital in their homes, which is typically their largest asset.   275 more words


South house prices take off

House prices are rocketing across the South as people look outside the capital in search of more affordable property. Asking prices have increased by 10% in the months to October, higher than London’s current annual growth rate of 9.6%.   153 more words


The north south divide

Property in London is nearly 3.5 times more expensive than homes in the north-east of England

The gap between the average prices of property in London and the north-east grew to its widest in history in August, according to new data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), released on Tuesday. 107 more words