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About that Mom in Friendly's

I felt a kindred connection when she came in with your daughter today. I too, was seeking out a family friendly restaurant that I knew my boys would be happy eating at. 652 more words


Why the cleaning never stops!

This morning when I came downstairs I realized a bomb had gone off in my living/family room. Behold:

SO much concern!!!!

After getting the boys going for the day, I literally through some gloves on and went to town. 419 more words


Review - Roomba 880, I said I would!

I’ve got my hands on the latest household robot the Roomba 880 robot vacuum and I said once I did that I would review it. It’s been here for just under a week and firstly it’s great, it is so nice not to have to vacuum. 955 more words


When you realise that you might never become the career woman you thought you'd be....

The grass is always greener on the other side… Haven’t we heard that before? And really, often it isn’t. We kid ourselves to believe that what everyone else has got is better. 923 more words


Being a woman in Albania

I’ve been finding it really difficult to write a blog post about women in Albanian society. Everything I’ve drafted so far has sounded a bit naff and a little hypocritical because I’m basically here to embrace Albanian culture – after all, I’m supposed to be learning to be an Albanian housewife. 878 more words