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To be awkward or not to be awkward

I went to bed wearing my yoga clothes last night. I got up and took the Block to nursery in the same outfit. No shower, hair a complete mess and I am pretty sure that I realised I had a bogie on my glasses, on the way home. 260 more words


I’ve Waited 11 Months to Reveal This…

Are you ready for them? They are coming whether you are ready or not. In approximately 30 days they will start coming in droves. I’m talking about the overload of New Year’s Resolutions that are about to be posted by your friends and family on social networks. 246 more words


A Patter about the House

A Patter About the House

It seems, as I’ve overheard,
that I’m a detestable monotony.
An odd curiosity.
That woman, they say,
who shuffles and patters… 33 more words

Found Poetry

Saya Ibu Rumah Tangga

Beberapa bertanya pada saya soal pekerjaan, terlebih setelah menikah. Menyandang gelar sarjana ternyata bukanlah satu urusan sederhana di lingkungan masyarakat, di dalamnya menjadikan saya memiliki tanggung jawab moral untuk bermanfaat pada masyarakat, pun ternyata juga seolah-olah menuntut saya untuk bekerja dan menghasilkan pundi-pundi uang yang saat ini menjadi tolok ukur keberhasilan. 414 more words

Catatan Perjalanan

Susanna Wesley: The Ultimate Housewife

Before, I get into all the juicy information in regards to my methods of teaching my boys and all the other goodies, there is one person I must pay homage to. 351 more words



I wanted to take a photograph of steam, but things didn’t go as plan. I had the focus all wrong and probably the light settings, but I love how they turned out. 83 more words