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Hey Y'all

So I figured I should start this off with a little bit about myself and my life. I have been a vegetarian for over a decade, eleven years in December. 279 more words


White Bean Chicken Chili

So here’s last night’s soup recipe. It’s more of a spicy soup then a chili… but hey it’s still yummy either way you say it. The navy beans were farmed last fall on my father’s farm. 358 more words


Indoor Cat and Outdoor Cat

An indoor cat, an outdoor cat, and a window.

They have much to discuss about their separate worlds.

Two cats so much alike, and yet so different. 14 more words


Let there be lists!

With only two weeks to go before our shipping container arrives my constant list making has most definitely reached its peak. I write lists in the morning in a very sleepy haze (my two girls have recently joined the 5am wake up club…yawn), I lie in bed at night running through tomorrow’s to do list in my head, I find myself writing daily lists just to get through the day. 518 more words


A Woman's Work?

When my mother died ten years ago, I moved several boxes from her loft to mine, and they have stayed there, untouched until recently. One interesting item that I came across – well, three interesting items – was a collection of books that belonged to my grandmother containing various tips, hints and recipes for a housewife/mother in the early 1900s. 107 more words

Thrive Fun Fact #3!!!

Thrive fun fact #3:

The DFT – Patch contains CoQ10. Why? What’s it good for? Did you know that CoQ10 is responsible for 95% of your body’s energy? 150 more words