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Sicilian Enigmas part 1: Road Signs

Sicilians often complain that their road signs are ridiculous, hopelessly misleading or simply wrong.  They are probably just using this as an excuse for their wild driving. 59 more words


Summer Book Club: Women Living Well

By Shar Martinez

I’ll be holding a book club on my blog this summer! Technically, summer isn’t until June but it’s sunny and 75 out! :-D… 749 more words

1-2-3 testing!

I’ve told myself that I didn’t believe in the terrible two’s – I am not quite sure why… But the thing is. The Block is quite the two year old at the moment. 227 more words


The Peplum

A perfect example of renewed fashion is the humble peplum. First fashionable in Victorian ages the peplum has been reshaped and restyled into something that you wouldn’t blink an eye adding to your wardrobe.  217 more words


No, I’m not going to talk about the sequel of Mrs. Doubtfire. Even though technically I just did. But come on, aren’t you excited?!

You know how a certain song just takes you back to a movie scene where the music was used? 105 more words

10 Storybooks I Actually Enjoy Reading To My Children

Goodnight Moon

I actually never liked this one growing up. As a child I hated the color scheme. But I’ve grown to appreciate the lulling verse of Margaret Wise Brown and the slow night-setting illustrations of Clement Hurd. 214 more words