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How to Achieve Perfection

I’ve been struggling with balance lately. . . & of not feeling “good enough.” I keep high expectations of myself & get extremely upset when I miss them. 723 more words


'Tease Me Please Me' - Scorpions

Probably out favourite Scorpions song, featuring our favourite Scorpions video. Seducing a rich housewife and getting paid for it? We’ve never wanted to be handymen so badly.


Dark Chocolate Cranberry Cookies with White Chocolate Chunks: a Son #2 Recipe

Rich dark chocolate cookies with tangy cranberries and smooth white chocolate chunks.

As many of you know, Son #2 has Aspberger’s Syndrome, which is classified as a form of autism. 705 more words


Fountain Foundation

As the earth blankets with snow, I think of the struggles we faced this year. Water is the mother of life; clean drinking water is what gives North Americans good health and piece of mind. 426 more words


Strangers in our home

Another crazy day ahead

Planning a meal for strangers is never easy. I need to guess dietary requirements, have veggie options just incase, and make our home and myself look beautiful. 348 more words


Burnin' It Down (Perm-style)

 Jack, my love, is an enabler. Earlier this month, I had my final birthday before I’m officially old. Jack gifted me an incredible camera, which (he must have known) would only fuel my obsession with photography. 397 more words


WHATEVER WEDNESDAY: Whatever Happened To ChineseBubbaJax' "Miracle Skin Care Line"?

Back in 2012, ChineseBubbaJax was whining that every little pore on her face could now be seen on HD TV, so she developed a skin cream!   527 more words