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Family Friday: Pregnancy is weird, and it's all about context

No, I’m not pregnant. Just wanted to throw that out right up front. ;-) But, there seem to be an awful lot of people in my life (and my Facebook feed) who are pregnant. 394 more words


Banana Bread

Before I took Michelle Duggar’s (19 Kids and Counting) advice about shopping for produce every 3-4 days, I was throwing out untouched fruits and vegetables constantly. 271 more words


5 More Ways to Cut Your Expenses

1)  Out with the old, and in with the old? Your trash could be someone else’s treasure, but have you ever inverted it? You can find amazing pieces of furniture and clothing at thrift stores yourself. 1,108 more words


Supermarket Sweet

The other night after Zumba (yes, I’m still a desperate housewife), I paid a visit to the local grocery store for a few essentials. This young chap and I were following each other from produce section, to meat section, to dairy, and bread. 455 more words


Cinderella shall go to the Pink Ball!

Last weekend I got trussed up like a turkey and waddled my way over to the Pink Ball thrown by Genevieve Magazine. I hadn’t thought too much about going as the wahala in my life recently has had me clucking. 485 more words


Of Wives and Men

Behind every great man,
there’s a great woman.

When it comes to military and even paramilitary professions, Eleanor Roosevelt hit the nail on the head with the above quotation. 967 more words

Journal Entry



walaupun topik mengenai surirumah ni mungkin dah banyak kita baca, tapi nana nak share pengalaman nana sendiri yang baru menceburi kerjaya surirumah ni.. Sebelum ni nana x menceburi nya secara sepenuh masa..Bila dah menjadi sepenuh masa, baru la nana tahu sebenarnya, kerjaya seorang surirumah ni tersangat la mencabar. 655 more words