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Dinner, By Deanne

Dear Mum,

Today was a pretty quiet day. Deanne is feeling a bit better so we both did some housework, washing, vacuuming, etc. while Joshua cut some shapes out and coloured them in. 239 more words


Not Doing The Housework

I have a rule about not doing housework while the toddler naps.

If, God forbid, we stayed in all day, she’ll have half an hour in between breakfast and lunch, and another half an hour in between lunch and tea. 332 more words


Washer Woman

I was up to 1.30am last night. It was Friday night, so some people were out with friends, some people may have been enjoying some home cinema, some people a prolonged romantic rendezvous, while others were quite sensibly looking at the back of their eyelids. 227 more words


Washing and Remembering

August 22 – Before we got working on the tomatoes this afternoon, we brought in the washing from the clothesline outside. We’ve got a drier for the winter months, but nothing beats that fresh, crisp, dried-in-the-sun feeling! 593 more words


Reality Check

Going through the shoeboxes again . . . I distinctly remember the day I wrote this. I was tired. So, so, very tired. The week had been a whirlwind of medical appointments, two IEP meetings, my husband was out of town, my blood sugars were high, and my energy was low. 804 more words


Cleaning house can be fun?

By Caitlin Kelly

OK, I admit it….

I don’t carry the burdens/pleasures of: 1) a huge house; 2) children; 3) pets; 4) slobby, gross room-mates. 436 more words


It's my turn

For the most amazing and fun housework! This is how I’ll spend my friday afternoon yet I was at the poolside, soaking up the sun yesterday. 36 more words