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CMHC doesn't fear a housing bubble

There is no fear of a housing bubble, the CEO of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation says in a speech on Friday, Sept.19th. Prices of some Canadian homes are certainly too high, but there is no immediate catastrophe looming for the country’s housing market. 184 more words

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bring on the fall

well the equinox came and went and the fall is upon us and in portland that means color and rain and the color started about a week ago and the rain started just today(nice timing) and while the color unfortunately only lasts for about 3 weeks the rain hangs around ’til about june which used to be a good enough reason for people to stay the fuck out of our sleepy little town but greed trumps weather which means that when there’s a housing bubble(like there was in california before 2007) people sell because they are able to get way more than their house is actually worth but having done that they still need a place to live and since they don’t want to waste all their hard-earned(?) profit they look elsewhere for cheaper real estate and a whole lot of these folks(ESPECIALLY those from cali) looked at portland and saw that they could get a house here for half of what it would it cost back home so then they buy a house here and what  you get is soaring housing prices, gentrification, destruction of generations-old neighborhoods, the poor and minorities get driven out of the city and into the suburbs, i have to move further east(though not to gresham, thank god), there’s suddenly way too much traffic and way too many upscale boutiques, the rents are way too high, and basically portland has been transformed from a cheap, semi-empty, very liveable city into just another annoying example of how people with money ruin everything. 554 more words

Irrational Exuberance Down Under | Bloomberg View

From William Pesek:

Lindsay David’s new book on Australia deserves a medical disclaimer: Reading this will greatly raise your blood pressure.

In “Australia: Boom to Bust” David sounds the alarm about an Australian housing bubble he argues makes the 12th-biggest economy a giant Lehman Brothers.

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Amir Sufi: Who is the Economy Working For? The Impact of Rising Inequality on the American Economy

Amir Sufi, professor of Finance at the University of Chicago, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Policy. 389 more words

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Well If the Jones Couple Has a 4-Bedroom House - We're Gettin' One Too!

Canadian Home Ownership More Costly Than Thought, BMO Report Says


Aside from being another stupid bank survey – When traveling in Canada I cannot recall the last time I met a couple who believed a 2 or 3 bedroom house was enough for their “kids, guests and relatives”. 106 more words

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Nearly 50,000 locals still underwater

Homes are lined up near Carmel Valley. — K.C. Alfred

By Jonathan Horn

Tens of thousands of San Diego County homeowners continue to owe more on their properties than they are worth, despite the run-up in prices that has taken place over the last two years. 438 more words

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Meltdown 2015 – 7 Reasons It May Happen

Meltdown 2015 – 7 Reasons It May Happen

By Shlomo   Maital

 IMD (a leading European business school based in Lausanne, Switzerland) Professor Arturo Bris offers eight reasons why a financial and economic meltdown in 2015 is likely.  331 more words

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