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Sticker Shock & Love At First Sight

Sticker Shock -

Home prices weren’t always something about which I was keenly aware.  I’ve bid on homes at auction, which needed major repairs, and sold them for more than my investment in money and time.  1,077 more words

Long Island

The Cruel Injustice of the Fed's Bubbles in Housing

by Charles Hugh Smith

As the generational war heats up, we should all remember the source of all the bubbles and all the policies that could only result in generational poverty: The Federal Reserve. 567 more words


Yukon Huang challenges your conventional knowledge about the Chinese economy

China is one of the most closely observed countries in the world, yet views about its economy are oftentimes contradictory. Take for instance the country’s growth model—conventional wisdom tells us that the share of fixed asset investment in China’s GDP is too high to be sustainable, and thus China urgently needs to balance its economy by reducing its reliance on investment. 1,450 more words


Are Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto homes headed for ‘sharp correction’?

Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto continued to put space between home prices in those cities versus the rest of Canada in October, new figures released Monday show. 429 more words


New Zealand

New Zealand is a net energy importer, and the drop in oil prices will benefit its economy. Still, the impact of falling oil prices will be small. 280 more words

Impact Of Falling Oil Prices In Late 2014

The Youth Are Our Future – The Challenges Of Raising Free-Thinking Minds

When recent headlines range from a women going to jail for not mowing her lawn, to the tracking technology embedded in each of our cell phones… 411 more words