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American real estate's future: Older, poorer, and more diverse

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed an unprecedented rise in real estate prices, a housing crash, the near-total freeze of lending for residential real estate, and a recovery in housing prices that occurred almost as quickly as the preceding crash. 531 more words


Rebelling Against the Bedroom Tax

Yesterday, a private member’s bill seeking to moderate and largely neuter the worst aspects of the bedroom tax won its vote as a result both of the Lib Dems siding with Labour and a large number of Tory MPs ignoring a three line whip (the vote went 306 to 231). 521 more words


TV Debate - Is Gentrification Good For London, Or Social Cleansing In Disguise?

Today, I will be back on the Headline London panel on London Live TV, debating whether gentrification is a good thing for London or an insidious form of social cleansing. 423 more words


What we're reading: "'Poor Door' in a New York Tower Opens a Fight Over Affordable Housing"

Where is the line between incentivizing private-sector development of affordable housing and subsidizing (or promoting) more discriminatory, exclusionary housing practices?  Like many big cities, New York is trying to find out. 302 more words

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Affording Housing Part II

The initial piece written under this heading dealt with a number of issues relating to the high cost of property in Namibia, chief among these being the assertion that the housing/property market is far too unregulated, and as such a market failure has developed in the face of failing public housing delivery. 1,642 more words


South Korea: Finally shifting away from a centuries-old housing system

by Judy Park, Analyst

South Korea’s primary housing system, called jeonse (or “key money”), dates back to their Joseon Dynasty. That is, back when the denizens of this humble country looked like this: 756 more words

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