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Tackling homelessness - Shelter England

What is homelessness?

Homelessness is the most extreme form of housing need. But it isn’t just about people sleeping on the streets. There are many more people in England who do not have a home despite not actually sleeping rough. 277 more words


The Stamp Duty Wars and the Skinny Rabbit

OK, it is not quite Alien versus Predator or Ali versus Frasier but there is a bit of a competition going on just now between rival versions of our property sales transactions taxes. 874 more words


The backstory of Ferguson, MO, or, Why it IS a Racial Issue (even though you're sure it's not)

Too many people have been confused, or maybe just convinced. “It’s not a racial issue,” they’re saying. Even if those of us who can see through the veil know better, let’s suspend disbelief for a moment. 93 more words

Learn A Little

Where is it better to live, UK or USA?

“England is just a small island. Its roads and houses are small.” – Mitt Romney

When it comes to housing, which country is best, the UK or the USA? 109 more words


A Very Modern Exodus: The New Era Housing Estate Saga

This article was originally published on the In My Shoes blog, and subsequently at Guerilla Policy.

It took Hitler’s Luftwaffe to provoke the last great exodus of people from London. 900 more words


A wasted opportunity – the Smith Commission and Housing

The Smith Commission, set up in the aftermath of the referendum on Scottish independence, issued its report yesterday (27 November).

Lord Smith was charged with reaching all party agreement on which additional powers should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament, following the “Vow” to extend such powers was made by the leaders of the three unionist parties in the closing days of the referendum campaign. 505 more words

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The New Era Housing Estate Saga, And The Price Of Gentrification

Back in August I was on London Live TV alongside politics.co.uk editor Ian Dunt, debating the contentious issue of gentrification, and whether it is something to be welcomed or a shameful exercise in social cleansing. 910 more words