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South Korea: Finally shifting away from a centuries-old housing system

by Judy Park, Analyst

South Korea’s primary housing system, called jeonse (or “key money”), dates back to their Joseon Dynasty. That is, back when the denizens of this humble country looked like this: 755 more words


Can we build a better Scotland?

I was at the launch of ‘Building a Better Scotland’, the RICS Scottish Housing Commission report yesterday morning [1]. I should declare an interest: I am an advisor to Shelter Scotland’s parallel housing and well-being commission which reports next year [2]; I also gave evidence to the Commission last year when they kindly did the evidence session only walking distance from my front door. 1,103 more words


Research Round-Up.

A selection of recently published articles offering varied and thought-provoking considerations of home and domesticity from a multiplicity of disciplinary perspectives, taking on such topics as the development of domestic design for older people, the evolution of gated communities and the origins of the use of solar power in post war America. 930 more words

Reviewing Welfare Reform

Over the last 18 months or so, a steady stream of academic research findings have challenged key arguments put forward by the DWP about the impact of welfare reform. 1,027 more words


My journey of discovery

I wrote a blog a few months ago about being made redundant and how that had led to me going back to being a full time student. 1,228 more words


Blog #53 - Density, Inclusionary Zoning, Housing Planning: Cautions on de Blasio's Plan

Density, Inclusionary Zoning, Housing Planning: Some Cautions on  the           de Blasio Plan.

Mayor de Blasio’s Housing Plan is a far better plan than anything we’ve had since LaGuardia, and worthy of full support. 1,809 more words


Where they are used to be something but we forget what that was.  Then it was nothing, I remember that.  Then it was a hole.  Then there was a sign:  “From the low 200’s”.   33 more words