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A Thousand Words

Good morning to you! This weather we are all having is definitely something to make you want a warm fireplace, if you’re in North America! I hope you are keeping yourself warm, if not, I’ll wait till you grab your blanket and cup of hot cocoa!!! 404 more words

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Coloring your Wedding!



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I'm getting married, and need helpWhat colors should I choose?What do you think about my color selection?


Good morning!!!

You’ve already picked your wedding officiant, now comes that really hard part! 1,108 more words

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8 Steps to choosing your Officiant!

Let’s talk a little bit about you, and who you are. This is your wedding after all, so let’s look at how you pick the right wedding officiant. 915 more words

Houston Weddings

What makes a perfect wedding?

Each wedding is special and unique, so let’s look at what it is that makes your wedding special to you. Here are some questions that you might want to ask yourself: 637 more words

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Welcome to our Blog!!!

What does one say when starting a blog? I asked a fellow blogger this question, and they said, “What ever is on your mind.” So, I would like to lead off with his permission. 178 more words

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