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Comcast: Cable Modem Rentals Contribute More Than Olympics

Last week, I explained how Comcast?s (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and (NASDAQ:CMCSK) broadband customers who buy their own cable modem are earning 11% per month on their investment. I estimated that as much as 25% of Comcast?s net income might be vulnerable to the risk of their broadband customers buying their own cable modems instead of renting them. 46 more words

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ISIS Uses 'GTA 5' In New Teen Recruitment Video

Terrorist group ISIS has combined brutality with social media acumen to become one of the most feared and reviled organizations on earth in recent months, publicly releasing videos of beheadings of American and British hostages in addition to broadcasting other unspeakable acts of violence. 13 more words

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Mythbusting For Sales: Why Decision-Makers Should Take Social Media Seriously

Nearly 2 billion people use social media; evidence shows online engagement converts to sales; yet up at the top, leaders are still lagging when it comes to using or resourcing it. 151 more words

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Box Office: 'Maze Runner' Sprints To $11.25M Friday, $30M+ Weekend

There were four major new releases this weekend, any one of which arguably would have dominated the frame had they moved to the mostly-vacant September 6th slot. 240 more words

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Mikheil Saakashvili Doesn't Know What Democracy Is

The New York Times just published a positively fascinating profile of Georgia’s ex-president, Mikheil Saakashvili. In what reads like an excerpt from a Gary Shteyngart novel, we see how Saakashvili, freed from the shackles of power and responsibility, spends his days riding his bike to and fro around Williamsburg, frequenting hipster cafes and bars that one does not usually associate with former heads of state. 13 more words

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Downtown Houston Night Club Gets Raided By DEA

According to ABC 13, a club near downtown was raided last night by the Drug Enforcement Agency and turned up a slew of drugs and made a handful of arrests. 166 more words


Aretha Franklin's Surprise New Album Due Out Sept. 30.

Aretha Franklin is planning a comeback, and she’s doing it diva-style.

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