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Halbig Court Opinion: A Victory For The Rule Of Law, But Merely A Speed Bump For Obamacare

If you visited certain corners of the media yesterday?left and right?you may have heard that in a case called Halbig v. Burwell, an important federal court in D.C. 67 more words

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Mon Dieu, Korea's Paris Baguette Is Now A Real Parisian Cafe

In a society surfeited with American brand names on fast-food eateries, what could be more exotic for Korean food-lovers than a name in French? “Vive la différence” may not have been the slogan but was surely the idea behind the opening of “Paris Baguette” in 1988 as a place to go in Seoul for eclairs and croissants and other delectable pastries with a distinctly French accent. 14 more words

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Americans Devote About The Same Share Of Family Budgets To Food And Health Care As They Did In 1948

HT to Mark Perry, whose Chart of the Day inspired this post. Professor Perry showed the rather astonishing decline over 8+ decades in the share of consumption expenditures devoted to food. 36 more words

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Taiwan Depends On New Apple Models, Tablet Decline Shows

In November, Apple came out with its thin, light tablet the iPad Air, and a new iPad model is due in late 2014, tech media say. 73 more words

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Roof Maintenance Services in Houston

Roof Maintenance Services in Houston Regular maintenance includes replacing missing or damaged shingles, fungus, algae, rust on metal roofs, or cracked mortar or caulking around the See Original Article… 23 more words

Drone Activist Launches Pilot Association To Represent Interests Of Small Commercial Operators

If you are involved at all in small drone flying, you are likely to have come across Peter Sachs in one of a number of online forums dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles or have visited his website to learn from an expert the latest in drone law. 18 more words

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From Outliers To A Growing Force: What Do Women Entrepreneurs In The Middle East Need To Thrive?

For many years in the Middle East, the harsh weather, the oil wealth, male dominance of the public space, as well as a traditional patriarchal society made it difficult—or unnecessary—for women to enter the business world. 37 more words

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