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How Many Distributors Get Rich From Herbalife?

Herbalife LTD (NYSE:HLF) has attracted a great deal of interest on Wall Street recently on the long and the short side of the market.

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The popularity of Orange is the New Black has made wearing orange jumpsuits fashionable among the general public so, to prevent any confusion when his inmates perform work assignments away from prison, the sheriff of Michigan’s Saginaw County is switching his inmates back to the old-style uniforms of horizontal black and white stripes. 501 more words

Le$ - Prosper ft Curren$y (Video)

New video from Le$ called Prosper feautring Curren$y.


Survey: Book Buyers Leaving Amazon Because of Hachette Dispute

Some book buyers may be leaving Amazon for Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores and the likes of Costco because the large e-tailer’s dispute with publisher Hachette, according to new survey data. 12 more words

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Mission Statements That Don't Suck: A Corporate Culture Secret

A company’s culture can begin with words—with a guiding or core or mission statement—but only if there’s actually an idea behind those words. A corporate culture’s guiding or core statement is an important place to start in culture building, but it should represent a decision, something you (not just your consultants) actually stand for, expressed in the clearest and fewest words you can manage. 16 more words

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Under Orders From Congress, FAA Makes Way For Commercial Drones

The drones are coming, despite efforts by the Federal Aviation Administration to restrict them.

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