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NASA's Opportunity Rover Sets A Record For Off-World Driving

NASA’s Opportunity rover has now traveled further on another world than any previous rover.

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1zp59Cn
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Japan's Nuclear Roadmap To Economic Destruction

The Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority’s new definition of an active geologic fault as having moved within 120,000 years is news to geologists, who define it as 10,000 years. 40 more words

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Charles Barkley Offers To Pay Funeral Costs For Youngest Carjacking Victims

Over the weekend, carjackers crashed a stolen SUV into a crowd in Philadelphia, killing three young children. As the city searched for those responsible, former NBA star Charles Barkley stepped forward and asked to help. 14 more words

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Reports: OU, Houston To Meet In 2016 Season Opener

According to a report from the Houston Chronicle, OU and the University of Houston will open the 2016 football season in the Advocare Texas Kickoff in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. 88 more words


PPG Factory Buyer Fuyao Reports Gain In 2nd-Qtr Profit

Fuyao Glass Industry Group, a big China automobile and industrial glass maker that has been stepping up its investments in the U.S. of late, has reported a double-digit increase in second-quarter profit. 18 more words

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4 Reasons the Poorest 4 Billion Matter to Business

The base of the pyramid (BoP) is the foundation upon which our global economy is built. But today it is weak. Current market practices and inefficiencies have left the 4 billion people at the BoP earning less than $10 per day without access to stable jobs, safe housing, formal education, public utilities, and other essential goods and services. 66 more words

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Linklater's "Boyhood"

Richard Linklater’s movie “Boyhood” is as love story about growing up. More specifically, growing up in Texas. Which is probably why I fell so quickly and deeply into it. 617 more words