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Day 450 Hover fly / Schwebfliege

This wasp-like Hoverfly is most probably a Helophilus spp. and maybe even H. pendulus. The stripe between the eyes appears to be narrow so it could even be a male (the females have a broad stripe). 53 more words



After damaging muscles doing some heavy lifting I have not been very mobile of late. The sunny weather this weekend lured me out into the garden though, where there were still lots of insects on the wing. 72 more words

Insect of the Day, Cats vs Coyotes and more

Isn’t it cute? This teeny tiny hoverfly is munching on some pollen. Oops, some fell onto its wings. The giant ragweed is creating so much pollen, I could see little clouds wafting across my path when I went for a walk this morning. 356 more words


Day 439 Essex skipper / Schwarzkolbige Braun-Dickkopffalter

This Essex skipper1 (Thymelicus lineola) was sharing its food plant with a hoverfly. The black tips to its antenna indicates that it is not its close relative the Small skipper ( 98 more words


Hibernating drone flies

It’s autumn and those creatures which hibernate through the winter are beginning to make their preparations. The squirrels are out burying nuts to tide them through, the bats are fattening up on insects to see them through torpor and those invertebrates which sleep the winter away are looking for safe places to stay. 256 more words