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Scars Beneath Our Heart's Mask(s)

In a recent text to myself while watching a woman speak to an audience of women, I wrote, “What were your very first painful experiences?” Because what I learned from that talk last Saturday is that we become desensitized to the very thing that ever scarred our hearts from the very beginning, and most importantly, whatever that was, that “theme” will repeat itself in life as something normal, when really it is not normal to who we truly are. 516 more words

How Can I Help?

#BlogElul 19: Ask

I have found that

asking a question

with intentionality

with curiosity

requires vulnerability.

Not a social nicety:

How are you?

How’s your day?

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Picking your battles

‘You have to pick your battles’

Out of all of the maternal advice that I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot), I think that this has been the most frequent. 814 more words