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My name is Lydia and I am the current intern at CSAD. My internship sees a pairing between the enterprise and engagement team at Howard Gardens the Centre of Student Entrepreneurship, Llandaff. 184 more words

How Can I Help?

How to Hit the Re-set Button on Your Diet

“How-to’s” clog up the search engines and I’m about to make it worse. It’s addictive behavior as 89% of the world’s information is misinformation because a substantial amount of people claim they’re experts and/or flat-out vomit platitudes, … 867 more words

How Can I Help?

It's not my job to judge ♥

Please Click the HOME tab to learn more about my Blind Faith Help project.

Creating Jobs

The Therapist and the NPR Journalist Have Dinner

I had dinner with a new friend a few nights ago. Her husband and my boyfriend are very tight friends. She and I, like ladies who lunch (her diamond ring dazzling the air and my scarlet red nails flailing around), guffawed over our men when I said, “Yeah, they totally have hard-ons for each other, right?” 1,467 more words

How Can I Help?

Creating legit work at home jobs.

What BETTER way to help-out another human being, than by giving them a JOB. Giving them a way to provide for themselves and their families. With a bit of help I can create good, work-at-home jobs for people who want them.  389 more words

Creating Jobs

Li'l Help, Please

Sometimes God puts a big dream in your heart, and you survey the breadth and depth of it… and promptly talk yourself out of it. 433 more words

Life Lessons

Distinct & Loving

“Pastor Tim Chaddick preaches from Matthew 22:15-46 on Jesus’ challenging responses to questions about culture, eternity, morality, and His own identity.” -Reality LA Church

How Can I Help?