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Words to live by

Over the weekend, I was talking to Michael and Luc about a mantra for the year. I generally try to have a word for the year and Michael goes full on with a mantra that he uses to get him through tough times. 341 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - Imposing Routine

It’s been a good week. I’ve been fighting the urge to sleep all the time, do very little and wallow in feeling not so great (it’s December, it’s my normal!) and five days in the office and getting a bit more routine into my life has helped. 282 more words

How I Live

Weekend Tasklist

This weekend requires a to do list, so here it is.

HouseI have one week left at work and anything that needs doing for Christmas, can be done then. 151 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - Birthdays, Christmas lunches and Allotments

On Wednesday, Ma, Christelle and I went for cocktails at the OXO Bar, to celebrate their birthdays and the end of my working week!

The perfect manhattan was perfect! 319 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - Moving, Anniversaries and Roast Dinners

It was a big week chez Dempsey.

On Monday we moved Ma.

I was responsible for putting the bed and the shelves together..

I did an alright job! 483 more words

How I Live

What I Ate

Last week was still about not spending money on food and using up what I had. I did spend some money, I bought the beef for tomorrow’s lunch because I had a voucher for money off that was only valid up to Monday and I bought some apples and clementines because I was missing fruit. 544 more words

How I Live

Advent Calendars

I’m a big fan of advent calendars, as a child I always wanted one with chocolate in them but as an adult, I’ve become very anti them. 190 more words

How I Live