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Practical Help

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been thinking about support and whether or not I’m good at supporting my friends. Lots of stuff has kicked off this train of thought. 555 more words

How I Live

The weekend

Things I did this weekend…

…read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to a 22 month old

…caught up and drank wine with the 22 month old’s mum… 311 more words

How I Live

WEEKENDS!! - Lines of passengers, fast lane living, and a whole bunch of shenanigans!

So the weekends are here, and, shockingly, our midterm exams are coming up. (see Prelims post)

In A few more months, I’ll be in second year college: Really fast right? 55 more words

How I Live. :)

Into the darkness - Part 3

….. And finally there was light. As a tricycle (basic mode of transportation inside villages) approached us, we finally went for the city center. As we got there, we saw lots of people on the streets, if not walking, helping each other. 215 more words

How I Live. :)

Food this week (the hot weather edition)

Apparently, it’s going to be hot all this week. Yes, I know it’s not as hot as other places, but it is six C hotter than normal for this time of year and it’s London, this city is really not designed for hot weather. 136 more words

How I Live

Into the darkness- Part 2

I suddenly woke up at four in the morning since mom went to my room and turned on my electric fan. Afterwards, I slept again. after 5 hours…. 367 more words

How I Live. :)

Into the darkness

It was a Sunday, me and my family ate dinner outside, and went home. Afterwards, we returned to our normal routine, fixing school stuff, opening TV, feeding the pets…. 101 more words

How I Live. :)