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Visita Iglesia - Part 2

Images from the churches we visited! :)

How I Live. :)

Visita Iglesia - Part 1


The Visita Iglesia is a Filipino tradition wherein every church puts out its blessed sacrament, for everyone to see. Since this was my first time doing this, it was both a fantastic and grueling experience. 163 more words

How I Live. :)

Grapefruit Ironing Spray...

I love summer. I love being able to wear flip flops, I love that getting dressed when it doesn’t involve a hundred and ten layers just pulling on a dress, I love that the evenings are light and I love that the increase in light makes for a cheerful and happy Nic. 407 more words

How I Live

Favourite things

Rhodia A5 webnotebooks

I always have a notebook in my handbag, as I’ve got older they’ve become places that I write recipes, lists and other random things I need to remember and less about the inner workings of my tortured soul but I’ve always had a notebook. 117 more words

How I Live

“Thank God for a new day”

Good morning guys! :) RM here, how are you people? Today is Tuesday, and holy week is almost halfway through.

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How I Live. :)

“We will all make The Journey” – Covenant (Halo)

Recently, WordPress Just informed me that I have reached a year into blogging. Well, first off, I was just really bored that time, and I decided to explore into the world of social blogging.

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How I Live. :)

What happened last week

I spent most of last week, worrying about the mysterious rash and feeling quite tired. I do get brownie points for not taking any time off sick, I really wasn’t that sick I was just really tired, when I’m sick even the tinest bit my body reacts by making me sleepy. 365 more words

How I Live