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Things the Fitbit taught me...

For Christmas, Christelle bought me a Fitbit Charge. It’s not something I would have thought about buying for myself but I’ve been wearing it for nearly a month and it has taught me some things I didn’t know and confirmed some others. 463 more words

How I Live

More Knitting

My knitting skills are very basic. I’m really good at scarves, blankets and handwarmers.

I’ve blogged about the smaller wristwarmers that I’ve made as Christmas presents… 125 more words

How I Live

Life Happened - Being Sick

This was my view Tues to Friday.

On Friday, Ma came over to rescue me…

I showered, did some shopping and changed the bed. It’s amazing how much better clean sheets make you feel. 259 more words

How I Live

It lives Igor...

It being me.

I’m mostly recovered, Ma came over yesterday and helped me do some shopping and change the bed. 

I’m feeling much better but have strict instructions to take it easy. 21 more words

How I Live

Chip Shearin - How I Live

Many of you have heard of Chip Shearin. If you haven’t, you’ve lived and felt his presence with his bass playing almost as a part of your every day lives. 111 more words

Smooth Jazz

Sick day

The cold I came back from France with has turned into a sore throat, a hacking cough and an overwhelming desire to sleep.

If you need me, I’ll be in bed!

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Life Happened - Strasbourg and Pretend Parenting

So this week was all about Strasbourg, Despite that I spent Monday and work and Monday evening stressing about packing.

I really suck at packing..

204 more words
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