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Am I Somehow Partially to Blame for the Death of the American Sitcom?

It’s rough out there for the American TV sitcom, especially after CBS’s surprising decision to cancel The Millers 4 episodes into its second season. It was… 1,729 more words

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How I Met Your Mother: All You Need Is Love

Marshall (Jason Segel) wears an All You Need Is Love t-shirt on How I Met Your Mother.


Thankfulness Doesn't Exist

Each Thanksgiving, after we have said a prayer over the meal, my mother asks us to go around in a circle and share what we are thankful for this year. 476 more words



I just want this year to end. Personal and fandom-related things have made 2014 pretty awful:

- My grandfather died – I have never cried so much in my entire life… 126 more words

Soap operas have got nothing on me

I was face down on the couch, my ears were ringing. Through the ringing I could hear the faint sound of my mother, with a tremble in her voice saying, “Josh,” “Josh are you alright?” After a few minutes I remember being rolled over, slipped onto a stretcher, and loaded into the back of an ambulance. 629 more words

Top ten "I hate this show" moments in television

Now, we all have moments when we’re watching a show – maybe tearing up a bit, and we think to ourselves “Why do I put myself through this pain? 1,130 more words

Thanksgiving, As Told Through "How I Met Your Mother" Gifs

Ah, going home for Thanksgiving – the holy week of laundry machines that don’t need quarters, a fridge full of food you haven’t bought with your own money, and being forced to make small talk with people who may or may not be racist. 184 more words