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10 shows we love to hate-watch

Anyone can DVR 100 different series, or live-tweet every episode of Watch What Happens Live. But it takes a special breed of fan to watch shows that you don’t even like. 994 more words

13 times we fell in love with Marshall Eriksen.

Although How I Met Your Mother ceasessly dragged on for 5 seasons past their expiration date, and managed to piss of a few fans in the end, the show had its moments. 298 more words


Love, Lust, Infatuation...or Fear?

Have you ever been Ted Mosby’ed? Or are you Ted Mosby?
Or do you really even know what you are talking about? 629 more words


How I met your Friends

It all began on September 22, 1994 when the most amazing sitcom in the history of the world was aired for the first time. Its name was Friends. 191 more words


Meanings of Love I Learned from the Characters of HIMYM

I am two years late to know this group of friends and I actually did not regret it. Being able to watch it as I am learning how to grow is like hitting two birds in one stone.Upon watching, of course you will have that SepAnx (Separation Anxiety) moment and my way to release this feeling is to summarize the meanings of love I learned from the characters of How I Met your Mother. 455 more words


The Race to the Tough Mudder – Clothes, Fire and Kielbasa Soup

Synced Magazine’s Brand Manager, Eric Johansson, is taking on the Tough Mudder race on 2 May. Follow his journey here every Sunday.

My clothes are slowly becoming too big for me. 426 more words


Why you should root for Emily Thorne’s happy ending on “Revenge”

Warning: spoilers of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Breaking Bad” shows ahead!

Many TV shows have ended in one of two ways: a “happily ever after” or, sadly, with the main protagonist’s demise. 768 more words

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