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Day #52 : It Was Legen-wait-for-it-dary!

How do you define happiness when you’re in tears? By the feeling that fills your heart and glad to be alive? Getting that feeling while watching a sitcom might not seem much, but I never deny happiness. 53 more words


What 'How I Met Your Mother' was, or should've, been about

Yes, I’m late. The world came to terms with the awful ending to ;’How I Met Your Mother’ over two weeks ago. I’d been watching season 9 at my own pace but when I saw the uproar I sped through the last 16 episodes to find out what the fuss was about. 455 more words


Prayer High Five

My favourite How I Met Your Mother moment and a new addition to the repertoire.


Who actually is your dad?

In lieu of this being my final blog post on How I Met Your Mother, I’ll let you know what’s in store for the future of How I Met Your Mother. 472 more words

New Ebook for HIMYM Fans: How I Met Your Media

A couple weeks ago, something sad yet probably overdue happened: How I Met Your Mother ended its 9-year run.The series was so well-done, it attracted many loyal fans, including me. 339 more words


How I Met Your Mother 9.13

“Bass Player Wanted” 12/16/13 A Mother story.  Marshall decides to walk to the Farhampton Inn and gets picked up by The Mother.  Meanwhile Darren, the evil member of the band who got The Mother fired from her own band, pits Lily against Robin and Ted against Barney, because he is the Devil. 24 more words

Loony's Musings: the end of a series

Update: I am back in the land of internet! This means I’ve caught up on all the lovely comments and emails and Tweets and…okay, I really need to visit all your lovely blogs. 232 more words