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I did write a big post for Friday, but then WordPress decided to be a complete erse and wiped it all.

The jist:

I’m loving my new project.   17 more words

My Writing Process

A Little Piece of My Heart

-With apologies to Ms. Joplin-

This is what my characters are to me: little bits of myself slathered onto the page for you, random reader, to analyze and dissect. 308 more words

How I Write

Drink up

So many writers advocate finding a time – daily, weekly, yearly, whatever – and saying ‘Bear witness, friends, as I declare this time, WRITING TIME’  150 more words

Planning And Goals

Ten Books

A friend tagged me on Facebook to list 10 books that had had an impact on my life. Or words to that effect. I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about my answer. 749 more words

How Pinterest inspired this post...and hopefully another 364.

I usually start my posts with “It’s been a while…” and I want to change that.

While trawling ideas for myself and for a social media gig I have I came across this: 411 more words


Novel Months

This is my first post-by-phone, so if KitKat decides to autocorrect something out of context or insert a random emoji, you’ll know why. :)
So in my last post I discovered that I’m, at his stage of my writing career, more interested (or capable) of writing novellas of about 20K words than I am of whacking away at a single novel length manuscript. 281 more words

How I Write