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How I Write, or Confessions of a Non-English Major

I don’t know the technical terms for many basic writing tools, guys. After much practice I usually know how to use them; I just don’t know what they’re… 1,363 more words


Editing tools part three - using the essence

Okay, if you’ve followed this series of blogs so far, then this is where I’m going to try and use what I’ve distilled from the work I’ve done on the opening chapter. 841 more words

How To Write

Editing tools two - distilling the unseen scene.

Ok, so this is the 2,000 word scene I have written to explore how Evi and Helena come to the decision to run away together, which tries to illustrate their motivations and relationship more clearly. 2,606 more words

Almost Done Editing, Covers Coming Soon and Liliana Nirvana

So I plan to have the first three installments of my “Surveillance Pre-dystopia” series, about 60K words, available on October 1.
You’ll have the choice of individual novellas (about 20K words each) or the bundle of three, which will be at a discount to buying them individually. 222 more words

How I Write

How I Write - Putting Pencil to Paper and Fingers to Keyboard

I recently wrote about where I write and said I would also explain how I write, so here it is. Before I do though, I need to tell you a brief story. 1,392 more words

Children's Fiction

A microscope on hope - step by step through the most important edit yet.

So, I was at the writer’s festival in York last weekend - which if you’ve never been to, I urge you to think seriously about. It’s not only a chance to talk one to one with agents and editors about your work, and hear both uncomfortable truths and massive ego boosts, but it’s like an MA in creative writing in expresso form. 1,167 more words


Sat 13th Sep 2014

Super Goal Experiment Day 2

1: Edit 6 scenes

2: Write 3 pages

3: Read 100 pages

4: 30 mins yoga

Day got off to a slow start thanks to an early-morning fringe trim (excitement), but I was editing by 10.30.   217 more words

My Writing Process