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World Book Blog Tour

The World Book Blog Tour provides a format to get acquainted with authors and their works. Each author is invited by a friend who in turn invites more friends. 785 more words

Christian Writer

World Blog Tour

I want to thank Sia Marion for inviting me to the World Blog Tour. Sia posted a blog on how she writes on July 15, and I enjoyed reading about how she crafts her stories. 942 more words


How I Write (aka, in which I promise I am not an architect)

I may have mentioned this before, but I was the kind of indoor-books loving kid who gave herself homework assignments. I sat at the family computer using Publisher to create brochures on various topics, using the information I gleaned from our World Encyclopedia CDs. 176 more words


Writing Barefoot.

Writing is an emotional digestion for me. It’s the way I unlock and tap into, how I’m absorbing the world around me. It both comforts and transforms me. 1,108 more words

Don't Take Life Too Serious.


Today, two of my poems are up on a poetry site called Nutshells & Nuggets  and I’ve spent quite a bit of time this afternoon subbing. 316 more words



I used to be on the brink of being totally horizontal, but I think I’ve skated across that plateau now and am being pulled upright – good God, I might be standing already! 128 more words



If man can drive a
mountain like a juggernaut,
is there vacancy
where brain function should lord it
above simple bowel movements?

(what the * does that mean? 131 more words