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my first post

I really don’t want anyone to ever read it. these are the chronicles of my life as an almost professional failure. heartbreaks and disappointments, mostly things others feel with me. 172 more words


the hardest lesson to learn

I┬áremember back when I first started managing and I might possibly have been the worst micro-manager to grace the planet. I’m surprised at one point my staff didn’t mutiny. 1,274 more words


That Idea I Had

Let me cut to the chase. I should have splurged and bought the insanely over-priced for my current state of financial affairs, tray.

No. I guess that’s not entirely accurate. 620 more words


Cycling Tips 1936


Evelyn Hamilton, women’s professional cycling champion gives cycling tips – covering fashion and safety. M/S of Evelyn having her legs massaged. She stands up and stretches her arms. 115 more words


How-To & How-Not-To

Sometimes knowing how not to do something is just as valuable as knowing how to do something.

How To: Make that first call to a venue… 370 more words


Weddings Are Not A Competitive Blood Sport

Weddings used to be about two people, in love, standing up in front of their family and friends and declaring that love publicly; making a lifetime commitment to each other, in front of all the other people they care about. 330 more words


The Lab Rat Recap: Bonus Recipe for the fitness inclined.

So I realised I hadn’t talked about the end of my self imposed lab rat experiments. I also haven’t shared my version of a casein protein shake that is cheaper than buying casein and keeps you fuller for longer. 561 more words