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When Being a Sneaky Headhunter Goes Wrong

Headhunting is often a discreet practice, and similar to many other discreet practices, flooding a small group of targets at once with communication can often lead to a sudden awareness of what your intentions are. 248 more words


Avenger Dissemble!

I am currently in the process of looking for a new job and I have to say that it is a peculiarly horrible task. Tooting my own trumpet has never been something I’m comfortable with but failure to do so means I’ll be doomed to a long stretch on the dole. 517 more words

The school picture & cherries…

I’m that kind of mum that learns by doing. So the first year ma petite went to school they caught me by surprise. Running late we arrived at the parking lot to see this couple unloading their car…and then it hit me! 338 more words

Growing Up

How Not To: Have A Productive Day

Just a few ideas if you’re not quite sure how to waste your day… Trust me, I’m an expert in these things.



….because being practical and flying is soo 1903..

Ahh, the great American road trip; hours of ispy, rock, paper scissors and STOP TOUCHING ME, that childhood memories and divorces are made of. 636 more words


How not to give bad news

20 years ago I was working in marketing for a large drinks company.  I worked closely with a marketing agency, and they invited me to an awards dinner in London during which they hoped we would be picking up an award.   443 more words

Michael Brown Training

Piping Hot [or "Why I'm no longer allowed in the kitchen"]

I’m not very good at baking things. I’m not very good at baking things at all. What I’m good at is telling you how not to bake your cookies and your pies and backseat driving as you do your own navigation of the kitchen wares. 851 more words