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How to make cellular phone calls from your iPad

“If you have both a modern iPhone and iPad (or iPod touch 5G) running iOS 8, you can make a voice phone call from your iPad, using your iPhone’s cellular connection without ever touching the iPhone,” John Martellaro reports for the Mac Observer. 128 more words


Makeup to Last All Day: Tutorial

Hey guys!

Have you ever had the problem where you apply your makeup, love how it looks, then you look in the mirror a few hours later and you’re a big sweaty mess? 511 more words


How to: Properly attend uni

A couple of people seems to be having some issues figuring out how to actually attend the classes we are having at university. Don’t worry, I am here to help! 439 more words


How to: Get Famous for Writing

How to Get Famous

How do you get famous? How do you judge that you’re successful? Is it just getting published or is it something more? 479 more words


How to: save time in the morning.

I know the struggle, you don’t want to wake up, but you do want to look decent and get your things sorted before you have to get out the door. 494 more words


Question of the Day

What the hell do I, as a stroke seat, do to calm outrageous rush?

There’s not much you can do rowing-wise, to be honest. If you’re already setting a reasonable pace and they’re not following you, it’s unlikely that things will improve if you try to forcefully resist the rush because that’s just going to result in the timing getting  873 more words