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Front and back post stitches

Front and back post stitches are a simple way to add texture to a project and are the basis for crocheting cables.

I am using DC/TR to demonstrate but, as usual, the idea is the same. 178 more words

Geek Squeak - How To Make The Windows 8 Task Manager Become A Desktop Widget

This geek squeak is a quickie, but is pretty neat.  If you have Windows 8, right click on the Windows 8 taskbar at the bottom of your screen, and click on… 93 more words


New car

Here I am with my new car, a 2014 Ford Escape. This is the first Ford I’ve owned.  It was time for the Subaru to be replaced; we just weren’t as happy with it as we were with the Subaru we had before we went to Ecuador.   213 more words

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How To Date a Guy When His Best Friend Likes You

I’ve decided to dust off this blog and get into a nice ol’ routine of aiding my fellow humans. Years ago, I’d be a beacon of knowledge for generations to come, and answer all the questions our youngsters like to ask of us more experienced folks. 439 more words


Boger's General Analysis for selecting remedies

Boger’s General Analysis (GA) can be VERY easy to use to pick an appropriate remedy for treatment of an illness.  Like I said before in my… 770 more words


Let's build a Nintex workflow that integrates with SalesForce.com!

Now that everyone has become acquainted with the new SFDC Connector for Nintex workflow we can discuss what you need to actually start building workflows that can tie it all together. 1,008 more words


How to Roommate

Whether it be during college or after, a bad roommate can make your life a living hell.  Living with another person, especially a complete stranger, can be difficult at first, but  follow these simple rules and you’ll probably survive. 601 more words