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Garlic Anyone?

Ever heard of garlic being beneficial for your health? ?
I’ve always thought they just smelt funny and had no taste (my poor taste buds.. don’t allow me to enjoy much). 226 more words

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A Deep Breath

No magic can make problems go away, it’s how you address the situation or problem.

What can cause you to make poor decisions and judgements? 175 more words

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Poor Sleep?

SLEEP!! that amazing thing you ‘should’ be getting every night, after a long busy day.


The question is are you getting that good nights sleep you deserve? 312 more words

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Declutter Your Mind


Oh.. that wonderful time of the year when the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the grass is green and you just want to sneeze, also one of the best times to clean your house, your workspace and even your mind. 317 more words

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Beginners tip: Japanese 101

Learning a new language? Whether its Japanese or any other language it may seem overwhelming. I wont lie…It can be, but only if you let it become so. 585 more words

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