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Film Review- How To Be A Man

No, How To Be A Man is not just another stupid YACK guide, it is Gavin McInnes’ debut feature film and it is full of laughs. 416 more words



Help a damsel in distress.

I’ve never ironed and well, Bear is a pro!

So I asked him to iron my work shirts and he did!

Thank you!


The Re-emergence of Manliness

It never really died, but it did take a series of serious beatings. Manliness has re-emerged, and better for the thrashing.

Here, then, is a fine offering from Brett McKay, whose previous books I am rather familiar with. 55 more words

Brett McKay

Work and the Male Psyche

Or, ‘How I Learned to Stop Whining and Love Work’

The way I see it, two major attitudes toward work dominate the contemporary business environment. They are psychological opposites, and their relationship plays an important part in the shaping of young minds toward the idea of ‘work’ as means-to-an-end, specifically with regard to the definition of the ‘end’, and the manner in and extent to which the ‘means’ are tolerable or not. 986 more words