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Get Organized, You Slob!

Writers are among the most disgusting fucks I know.  Not only do they forget to bathe for days or weeks at a time, they usually end up working in a pile of feculence the likes of which can only be matched by an open garbage dump.  708 more words

Writing Advice

The Challenges of Making Money as an Author

When I signed my first book contract, I figured things would play out like this:

  • Book released – tours, interviews talks
  • Writing opportunities come my way, doors open…
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How To Be a Writer

Being an ace, nifty, sexy writer, I have secrets. Secrets to teach eager plebs like YOU. This isn’t me talking down to you, oh no, just acknowledging that I have a duty as a fabulous, talented, humble writer (with tons of sex appeal) to pass on what I have learned to you lesser sorts. 690 more words


THIS is why it's important - Speak your truth.

I’ve discovered, the hard way (as most important lessons are learned), that developing a thick skin is critical to writing.

“To write is to bleed words onto the page – to be entirely vulnerable – the surest way to criticism and the clearest path to metamorphic transformation.” -AmyJalapeño.com… 176 more words

How to Become a Writer

For years I’ve been saying that, “I want to be a Writer.” I would introduce myself to others or explain in bios that I was just an… 954 more words


The Art, and the Craft

It’s no secret that writing is hard. It’s lonely, it’s isolating, it’s like trying to swim at night in unfamiliar waters, it’s tough to get a handle on, and there’s no ‘rule book.’ If you want to do it, you’ve just got to go for it and trust that you’ll get to where you’re aiming for, eventually. 1,087 more words

Writing News

Three Thousand words and that's okay.

In the month of November, writers all over the world write their hearts out, hoping for that illustrious 50,000 words for their NaNoWriMo novel. I, on the other hand, hope for just 5,000 words this month. 163 more words

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