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Write or Wrong Part 8: Where I interview author Chris Jane

So tell me who Chris Jane is as a writer?

As a writer, Chris Jane takes the writing itself pretty seriously (tries to do the best work Chris Jane can possibly do), but treats writing – as an endeavor – as the fun it should be. 1,475 more words

I Am Author

Good Grief: The insatiable need to put pen to paper.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great, overdue pleasure that I present to you, the new blog. 544 more words


How to "Writer"

For everyone who wants to be a writer, I present the honest answers to all of your questions:

What are writers?

People who write words, preferably ones that chain together to mean something. 919 more words


Don't Take the Phisherman's Lure

I’ve noticed a new breed of phishing scammers lately. They’ve gotten more sophisticated in their attempts to trick, cajole, and outright scare you into falling into their trap. 650 more words

Words On Writing

How to Be a Writer

Neil Gaiman just responded to this guy’s question via his tumbler and it’s precious. You’re going to want to go read it as soon as you can… 647 more words



One of my biggest problems, if not the biggest one, it’s my amazing ability to procrastinate.

All of my blogs were created with the ultimate goal of keeping a steady writing pattern, or at least a steady publishing calendar. 95 more words


Get Organized, You Slob!

Writers are among the most disgusting fucks I know.  Not only do they forget to bathe for days or weeks at a time, they usually end up working in a pile of feculence the likes of which can only be matched by an open garbage dump.  708 more words

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