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A writer in the woods - evolving from the angsty writer

When I write, sometimes I listen to music. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I wear my jammie pants and sometimes I write while wearing a skirt and sweater. 621 more words


The Yoga of Being a Writer

I had a conversation at a party a few years ago with a woman who wanted to be a writer.

“I’m really good,” she told me. 645 more words


What's keeping us from being writers?

No one wants to hold down a regular, full-time job and be an auditor in their spare time as a hobby, but many people have regular, full-time jobs and are writers in their spare time. 852 more words


Hello World...Room for one more freelance writer?

Oh the life of a freelance writer

Yesterday I finished critiquing a romance novel. Yes, for pay. And yes, I died a little inside by the time I got to the end. 481 more words

Random Stuff

Me, Trying to Write a Story

You can’t start because you don’t know everything about everything and thus you’re writing from an uninformed place. If you knew all of that stuff it would be a much better piece—you could flesh it out with smart, intriguing anecdotes that would cause people (half of whom wouldn’t even… 370 more words


I Exist and I Put Words to Paper. What am I?

Hey guys! My first post for Thoughtful Minds United is up. It’s all about what makes a real writer.

Here’s an excerpt:

(1) Sometimes, people write because something needs to come out.

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The Power of a Story

Photos can be poignant, powerful, or precious glimpses of a moment in time. Each one tells a story. Usually, the story is more than the caption you might see. 392 more words

A Writer's Life