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The Art, and the Craft

It’s no secret that writing is hard. It’s lonely, it’s isolating, it’s like trying to swim at night in unfamiliar waters, it’s tough to get a handle on, and there’s no ‘rule book.’ If you want to do it, you’ve just got to go for it and trust that you’ll get to where you’re aiming for, eventually. 1,087 more words

Writing News

Three Thousand words and that's okay.

In the month of November, writers all over the world write their hearts out, hoping for that illustrious 50,000 words for their NaNoWriMo novel. I, on the other hand, hope for just 5,000 words this month. 163 more words

Creative Writing

In defense of "Write What You Know"

In a recent writers roundtable over at comic and fiction writer Sean H. Taylor’s blog (Bad Girls, Good Guys and Two-Fisted Action, and if you’re not reading it, you’re missing out), we talked about the best and worst advice we’ve ever received as writers. 964 more words


a word, a sentence, a name

In a “How to be a writer” book, one tip will be to write… just write something. and I wanna expand on that. If you want to write, write. 159 more words

Creative Writing

How to be a writer... what a strange title.

In every bookstore, whether online or in person, there is some kind of book called “how to write” or “how to be a writer” and they are strange books as there is not one way to become a writer. 172 more words

Creative Writing

A writer in the woods - evolving from the angsty writer

When I write, sometimes I listen to music. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I wear my jammie pants and sometimes I write while wearing a skirt and sweater. 621 more words


The Yoga of Being a Writer

I had a conversation at a party a few years ago with a woman who wanted to be a writer.

“I’m really good,” she told me. 645 more words