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there are worse things i could do

I struggle with being a writer all the time.  One day, I’ll be full of the utmost doubt, the next I’ll say to someone, “I’m a writer”.  1,351 more words


“I’m telling myself, “No, I’m not yet writing. I’m just putting down ideas.” Then, at a certain point, I tell myself, “Everything is already there. Now I just have to edit it.”” – slavoj zizek

How to become a full time writer

Step 1) Ask yourself – Is this what I really want to do? There is a common misconception that being a writer is going to launch you into J K Rowling-like fame and make you filthy rich. 358 more words

Author Advice

What do YOU want to know?

Hey you! Yes you, budding freelance. The one with all the drive and the skills and the QUESTIONS. So.many.questions. I’d like to help you…

Since revamping GemmaPress.com (be sure to sign up to my newsletter… 281 more words


Never tell your friends that you write

People who pursue artistic professions might think telling their families how they are going to support themselves creatively is a big deal. And it is. It just doesn’t really stop there. 654 more words


What Writers Do

Last Thursday I started on a personal journey, if you want to call it that.  I committed to think of myself as a writer and to act as if I believed that I was a writer for fifty days, so that when those fifty days are over I can comfortably wear the label.   498 more words

Free-form Writing

People have this funny perception of writers

In this post: I reveal half the plot of a Young Adult Fiction book that I’m being paid a huge advance to write. Why? Because fuck my boss that’s why. 692 more words