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7 Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often

This post is in partnership with Inc., which offers useful advice, resources and insights to entrepreneurs and business owners. The article below was originally published at… 1,412 more words

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I opened up WordPress to start this post, thought about the fact that it’s already the end of August and literally started laughing out loud. Um, what? 183 more words

Build Your Bliss

50 Small Paths To Happiness

Be a light in the lives of those around you.

Bring shade and comfort when you meet the heated and weary.

Free yourself and let  405 more words

Stop Caring What Other People Think of You

People perceiving you as rich, beautiful, lucky, tough or smart will not make you happy, yet you wouldn’t know this if you observed how much time and energy people spend trying to get other people to think they are those things. 124 more words


How To Be Happy

Life is undoubtedly yours! Whilst we are here, through our good times and not so good times, here are 10 useful and worked tricks to utilise and remember, to keep those happy hormones buzzing! 623 more words



I woke up feeling a little despondent today (might have had something to do with the wine last night). Try as I might, I can’t remember last night’s dream, I’m sure there was a message in there somewhere, however, I rolled over as soon as I woke up and pffft ….. 53 more words


Passionately Happy

I don’t know when I started to feel so grateful in life but I sure know how. To whoever said, you have to have bad days in order to enjoy the good times more, was right. 189 more words

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