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Happy Easter And Happy Every Other Day Too!

Just wanted to say …Happy Easter!  But remember, happiness isn’t just reserved for special days, it’s something we can have and be every day of the year. 24 more words

GYAN 88 :

How to be happy ?
As a child you knew how to be happy. As a boy or girl you had your bouts of happiness. And then you grew up. 164 more words

Dear Guilt,

Dear Guilt:

I have been thinking a lot about you lately. You seem to come in and out of our lives often.

I heard a woman talking on Oprah radio the other day, and she couldn’t get over her son’s death because of you. 1,152 more words


Because I'm Happy....podcast #21

Ever feel as if some days it’s just easier to feel happier than others? People who feel in control of their livers tend to have higher levels of happiness. 60 more words

Thrive Time Podcast

3 simple ways to be a little bit happier

All of us can have pretty bad days that can drag on to weeks and maybe even months. Often, I feel like the man up there loves to play tricks on us (or me). 712 more words

Advice And Help

You don't owe anyone an Explanation!

Hello my loves! You know what day it is right? Happy Hump Day!

So on How to be Happy Wednesday, I decided to talk about something that I practice so much in my life and yes, from the title you’ll know what that is. 581 more words

Real Life With Roxy

How To Teach Happiness!!

Hello lovelies,

The topic on the table today is HAPPY.

The reason – Because we all want a piece of the “Happy” pie.

The problem – Obtaining it. 797 more words

How To Be Happy