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If you were to be reborn...

In order to Feel the Absolute Best, you got to be the Absolute Best… for yourself.
It’s funny how 99% of people in this world always focus their attention on impressing other people, when the only way to do so is to not care about impressing them. 391 more words

Mental Development!

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Recently we talked about How to Know if You’re Outgrowing Your Friends. As adults, many of us find ourselves losing hold of those old connections that we once valued so much, and it can be hard to find connections that replace them once you’ve graduated high school or college. 957 more words

Do you believe these happiness lies ?

By David Joel Miller

Most of us have some lies we tell ourselves every day. You may have been told these lies by others. Some are little ones and keep up hope. 1,175 more words

Self Help

On Happiness: Part 1

Dressing well isn’t going to do you any good if you constantly feel like shit.

I’ve been talking a lot about style recently, and while that’s one thing that really allowed me to put myself out there, I was already in a good state of mind. 492 more words

Self Improvement

Pain: Can I ever get over this?

If you read my post yesterday, you will know that I had an emotional weekend. Pain galore. If you have not ready it, you can check it out… 247 more words

5 Gangguan di Kantor Anda

Lingkungan pekerjaan memang selalu penuh tantangan, tapi terkadang ada hal-hal kecil yang lebih sulit dihadapi daripada pekerjaan itu sendiri. Gangguan tersebut bisa muncul dari mana saja, ada yang memang disebabkan oleh diri kita sendiri, ada juga yang berasal dari faktor luar atau lingkungan. 458 more words

How To Be Happy

5 Film Seru di Tahun 2015

Melepas penat di akhir minggu dengan menonton bioskop memang pilihan yang asyik, apalagi bersama teman ataupun keluarga. Tahun 2014 ini kita dimanjakan dengan film-fillm seperti… 525 more words

How To Be Happy