Ten Simple Ways To Be Healthier

Want to live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

Although you are probably thinking that you’ll need to live off of salads and start exercising every day, that’s not necessarily the case.   409 more words


Ingin Anak Pintar? Hindari Fast Food!

Tiap orang tua pasti ingin anaknya tumbuh menjadi anak yang pintar, sehat, dan mampu tumbuh serta berkembang secara optimal dan memenuhi potensinya. Tidak heran banyak orang tua yang memasukkan anaknya dalam berbagai jenis les seperti les musik, bahasa, berhitung, dll. 463 more words

How To Be Healthy

Why You’re Stuck – With Derek Doepker

Why You’re Stuck – With Derek Doepker

In this episode, bestselling author Derek Doepker goes over exactly why you might be feeling stuck in any area of your life. 172 more words

Book Worm- How to be Healthy!

New year resolutions often have something to do with making healthier lifestyle choices, involving food. At this time of year, there seems to be more books, blogs and TV shows that discuss how to eat healthier, how to loose 10 Ibs or how to get the perfect butt in the least amount of time. 369 more words

Book Review

Memilih Workout Yang Tepat

Memilih olahraga yang tepat dengan tubuh kita cukup sulit untuk dicari. Namun beberapa alasan kita untuk berolahraga bisa disesuaikan lho Bright Friends. Semakin banyaknya jenis olahraga membuat kita mudah untuk memilih mana yang cocok dengan minat kita. 345 more words

How To Be Healthy

How to feel highly energized and healthy: an interview with Shawn Stevenson

How to feel highly energized and healthy: an interview with Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson, a highly respected health expert, shares some phenomenal tips in this episode. 189 more words

The Universe Loves Gratitute

Be Thankful for Everything. When you pray, pray with thanksgiving. The healthiest human emotion is not love but gratitude. It actually increases your immunities. It makes you more resistant to stress and less susceptible to illness. 47 more words

Hatha Yoga