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How to Be Happy No Matter What!

First of all I would like to make the point that happiness is an ongoing effort. There is no magic formula to make one happy every day for the simple reason that we are all different. 518 more words

Law Of Attraction

How To Go #IDGAF Like 'Broad City's Ilana

Broad City’s Ilana is many things: Confidante, friend, enabler. She’s also also a woman who fully embraces the IDGAF lifestyle. If you’d like to stop caring and live life more like a woman who sleeps at work all day, here’s how to make that happen. 207 more words


How to be Parisian Wherever you are

Geçen haftadan beri sizlerle paylaşmak istediğim kitap hakkında nihayet bugün bir şeyler karalayacak fırsatı elde ettim. Amazon’un internet sitesinden kitabı sipariş edip de kitabın bifiil elime ulaşması yaklaşık 1 ay zaman aldı. 334 more words

A Compliment a Day Everyday

If you want to make sure that your bonds of love with your wife or partner remain strong and viable, one small step you can take is to make the commitment to compliment her at least once a day, everyday. 146 more words

Better Husband

Commitment Inside and Out

Mutual commitment is the lubricant which makes your marriage run smoothly. When you make the commitment to each other, everything would fall in place. Your commitment is life-long, not just for one day. 28 more words

Better Husband

Simple Rules of Arguing

In my opinion, probably the most damaging activity in a marriage, or other loving relationship, is uncontrolled arguments between the partners. If done properly and lovingly, an argument can lead to a stronger relationship. 663 more words

Better Husband