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On what it means to be pretty

In class today, we were having an interesting discussion on the connection between beauty and power. The topic veered towards talking about celebrities that had authority for the sole reason that they fit society’s standards of physical attraction. 728 more words


How to be British: 20 steps

Some more or less serious points you should consider if you want to be taken as a British native. If you need more detail on British culture look up… 329 more words

Cambridge Experience

How to be famous in Singapore

How to be famous in Singapore

In case any of you wants to YOLO it and be talked about on various forms of social media, here’s a guide to doing so, local style! 643 more words

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Wearing a False Smile Every Day, I'm Really Tired of It Now...

And, I ain’t doin’ THAT no more either!!! (yeah, so???  And, your POINT would be???)

Wearing a false smile every day, because I MUST put on the false front, that I’m happy, because if I do it long enough, maybe I can trick myself into believing it too (yeah right!!!).   193 more words

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How to talk like Lutfi Fadlan

  1. Tutup hidung
  2. Mulai ngomong

Selamat, anda berhasil bicara seperti Lutfi!

Postnyaa ga lucu? boring?


The Journey Begins...

“If my ship sails from sight, it doesn’t mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.”
(Enoch Powell)

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Frederic Delarue, “A Mind Like an Ocean”, 6 more words


Child’s Play

What did you like to play as a child? Remember and make notes.

These are good early signs of what we love to do without any thought of money or judgement. 91 more words