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Meeting the World

When we walk, we can stay in our heads and see nothing or we can open our eyes and experience the world coming to meet us. 25 more words

Secrets of Success - Patience

One of the reasons why people don’t succeed in life is because they have limited or no patience. Patience by definition means to accept a problem, delay or suffering without becoming anxious or frustrated. 644 more words


A Buddhist Manual for Being Christ-like

About four years ago i went through the Tibetan Buddhist text The 37 Bodhisattva Practices and analyzed them in the context of Christianity to such an extent that (hopefully) a Christian with no knowledge or interest in Buddhism could still benefit from the wisdom if sincerely desiring to be Christ-like. 290 more words


Goal Oriented

Rest when you’re dead. Carve up those calves, chisel those muscles. Make a sculptor of your will. Your body is the block of marble. The angel just needs to be freed. 99 more words

Cody's Crazy Combos (Updates)

If you didn’t see my Cody’s Crazy Combos post, click here.

Now, all of Cody’s combos are:

And you can preview the special effects now too! 393 more words