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Hey! I have an agent. An AGENT. I’m like a famous person, with an agent. I still feel a bit weird saying it: I have an agent. 864 more words


An unlikely agent success story

I love reading blogs. It’s my biggest guilty pleasure. I’m not much for Facebook and while I do love Twitter, my heart lies with blogs. Following other people’s lives feels slightly voyeuristic, much like luxuriating inside a long novel. 236 more words

AgentSpeak: "Your Main Character? We Just Didn't Hit It Off"

This week I’m excited to continue the “AgentSpeak” series here on Word Café. Today’s topic is another comment frequently seen on polite rejection letters from agents: 472 more words

How To Get An Agent

AgentSpeak: "It's Not You, It's Me"

Dear Readers,

I’ve been brainstorming ways to make amends for such a long absence. Here’s hoping I’ve found a good one! Today I’d like to address a type of question I often get from my clients and other aspiring writers: “What does an agent mean when s/he says…” It will be part of a series of posts where I decode common lines from agents’ rejection letters or pitch sessions. 520 more words

How To Get An Agent

Special Edition: There's More To Life Than Self-Pub vs. Traditional

By Jennie Jarvis

Let me guess: If you are reading this blog, then you want to be a published author, right? You’ve written your manuscript (or most of it), and you are already dreaming of seeing your book’s title on an Amazon Bestseller list (or better yet, a New York Times Bestseller List). 1,012 more words