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5 Secrets to Hair Growth

Since the beginning of time we’ve been told stories about women with hair to the floor being the object of everyone’s desire. The story of Rapunzel is all about beauty and long hair as a symbol of attractiveness. 431 more words

Hair Care

Volume for Long Hair

You baby your hair for months, years even, to care for it and grow it out nice and long.  Bet as soon as it gets long enough to touch your shoulders, it becomes heavy and falls flat, no volume.   20 more words

How to Grow Long Hair

Let’s face it, as young women, we all want hair like the girl in the picture above (wouldn’t hurt to have her body too!)!

Hanging beautifully down her back! 393 more words


Full features of Nisim FAST

Thinking about buying Nisim FAST?  Well, take a look at this compilation of the full list of features of Nisim FAST and what they might mean for you and for whether you can successfully speed up your hair growth and stop hair thinning. 700 more words


Nisim FAST: leading hair care growth shampoo

The hair care market is a multi million pound industry, so why would you buy Nisim FAST when there are so many products on the market? 705 more words

Hair Growth

How to grow your hair long

I am sure you have looked at a million and one articles on how to grow long hair. Even the feminists among us will probably admit that long hair is feminine and beautiful and there’s no denying its versatility for styling; if looked after well it can really add to your look of health and vitality. 686 more words

Nisim FAST Shampoo And Conditioner

5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn’t Growing [ORIGINAL]

So you want your beautiful natural tresses to come down your back, but are you doing your part to make it happen? If you think your hair isn’t growing, then you’re probably not. 532 more words

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