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Forgiving someone is attracting more unwanted - why keep it active???

“(…)we have to say to you that forgiveness doesn’t fit in very well with the art of allowing because you have to dig up what you are forgiving. 331 more words

Abraham Hicks


You think a person’s done hurting you


After years of



Beatings that came in the form of


Hollow ones perhaps

There only for the purpose of persuasion… 859 more words

KD DeFehr

The Power of Letting Go

I don’t think this post should be taken as a sad declaration of moving on from people and things in life.  The intention behind it is to simply state the obvious…letting go is hard, but sometimes necessary.  447 more words


Take a Breath and Let it Go...

I’ve been away for sometime and I apologize.  I have allowed myself to get too busy and have gotten away from my daily posts. I’m back and not without many lessons learned.  713 more words

How To Forgive

Signs of Love

Because.. Love has the power – to change moments.. into forever – I love you

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Achieve Happiness by Learning How to Let Go

Often in life, we are clinging on things we thought are worth to fight for. Resilience and perseverance is admirable thing, however sometimes it’s better if we can learn how to let go. 464 more words

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How to let go.

Hello there. I’m sure you’re familiar with this term, and I don’t mean it coming from this woman: 

Well I do kind of mean it, but in a different context. 965 more words