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It Is In And Through Your Body

“The Intelligent Substance, from which all things are made, permeates and penetrates all things; and so it is in and through your body. It moves according to its thoughts; and so if you hold only the thoughts of perfectly healthy function, it will cause the movements of perfectly healthy function within you. 109 more words

How To Become A Millionaire

What can you achieve in 30 days?

What will you be doing in 30 days time?

Depressingly, more of the same?

For those who are out of work, putting a finger on this can be tricky. 220 more words

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The Habit Of Thinking Of Yourself

“You have formed, perhaps, the habit of thinking of yourself as a common person, as one of a limited ability, or as being more or less of a failure. 208 more words

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Build My Income Daily Proof - I Made $500 in one day with BMID

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Obsession Thursday

I have been trying to find a way lately on how to make some extra money easily. After doing some research online, I found a perfect way to get some extra money especially if you love using your phone! 104 more words

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5 Easy Ways To Make Cash♦

Hey Everyone!

Today I am going to give you 5 Easy Ways to Make Money. I myself am currently broke (don’t think of this as a big deal, I am only 13 haha) but I like to shop and be able to go places and buy things, so I thought up some easy ways to get cash. 433 more words


Man Can Live In Three General Ways

“Man can live in three general ways: for the gratification of his body, for that of his intellect, or for that of his soul. The first is accomplished by satisfying the desires for food, drink, and those other things which give enjoyable physical sensations. 149 more words

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