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Video: Acupressure For Calm Children

Calm Press is an acupressure sequence from my new book due out this fall: The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide To Help You Understand and Shape Your Child’s Behavior.* 264 more words

Miriam Manela

I am the great cornholio

This weeks Weird Wednesday asks the plaguing question, what is the weirdest thing that I do to relax?

Figuring that I am rarely in a relaxed state, this was a hard question to answer. 102 more words


Lessons Learned: Stillness

My husband and I went RV’ing this weekend with the intention of spending time at the campground to relax instead of going into town, sightseeing, or hiking. 398 more words

Beth M James

The Seven Principles of Relaxation

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When you are prone to anxiety, it’s not only important to recognize the causes and the symptoms, it’s also important to have a way to deal with anxiety when it strikes. 523 more words


Mahendra Trivedi – How to Relax

Mahendra Trivedi – How to Relax

Most of us have an ever-growing list of demands at home and place of work. Consequently, we have lost the way to… 227 more words

Mahendra Trivedi

Day Eighty Four - #100HappyDays

Relax is what we do this long weekend. Thank you, Queenie for the extra day off tomorrow.

Relaxation strategies for daily stress: