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Running your way to a healthier you! How To Get Started

Running; it makes you feel alive! At least that’s my take on it now. I vividly remember (not that many years ago) shaking my head and questioning the sanity of any individual that would get up at dawn and run for the “joy” of it. 760 more words

Live More Simply

Looking Ahead

I love plans. I love schedules and timelines and lists and expectations and hard and fast deadlines. Schedules and deadlines are why I’ve stuck to running as long as I have. 210 more words


Learn to Run, Part 2 (#leslieruns)

I can remember quite well those first few run/walk sessions in late Fall 2004 along the Barrie, Ontario waterfront. Walking two minutes and running only one minute sounded pretty easy, and I managed, though I was obviously out of breath and practically begging to walk at the end of every run interval. 428 more words


One of Us

I’ve struggled with the idea of calling myself a “runner.” I mean, I’ve never run more than 5 miles at a time, and that was a one shot deal. 388 more words