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Me and running !

I have been fascinated with running for a long time. Not with the asphalt running but trail, nature, mountain running. I would look to an image of a forest or whatever other nature image and instantly the thought that pops up in my head is how fast I can go from one point to another inside that scenery photo. 826 more words


5 more things you might not know about running.

Author: Emma McGuire, Physiotherapist, Arana Hills Physiotherapy

1.   Don’t get stuck in a running rut

Try not to do the same 3km loop at the same pace every single time you go running. 270 more words


Running: Structure for Beginners

Running: Application and Implementation for Beginners

Becoming a runner is extremely satisfying. Having the ability to cover a certain distance, in a given time, is very freeing and enabling. 900 more words

No Pain, No Gain: Runners High Tech Gear

Running used to be so simple. At its most basic, running is merely a mode of transport. Point yourself in the direction you want to go, lean forwards and move your legs fast. 738 more words


5 things you may not know about running.

Author: Emma McGuire. Physio, Arana Hills Physiotherapy.

1. Your old shoes may be causing you small injuries. Replace your shoes when they need replacing.
You may begin to develop niggling problems like foot, calf, or shin pain as your shoes stop providing you with the support you need. 368 more words