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How To Save A Life.

  1. Listen beyond the words that are strung up in pretty sentences. Read the body language, feel the emotions and be present.
  2. If you have nothing nice to say about someone and saying it does not help the situation in any way, don’t say it.
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Show The Struggle Sometimes

Why aren’t we showing the process? I was on the greyhound, then the megabus last night thinking about a few things since the outlets weren’t working, and the wifi was sketchy. 250 more words

How To Save A Life - What I've learnt

In this emotional book I’ve got to know a bit more about the geography of the United States.

Facts From Books

How To Save A Life 2

This is a beautiful book. It’s about two teenage¬†women who come together due to special circumstances.

How To Save A Life


(This is mainly for The Sweet Review) There is this really cute little girl in reception called Amelie at my old school (primary) and I used to monitor her because some year sixes were nominated to take care of the nursery kids. 103 more words

How To Save A Life