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A guide to winning the Misery Game.

‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life

What if I told you that we could make a game out of a seemingly hopeless situation and score points?

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Top 5 things every girl Couchsurfing on her own should know

If I could have received a penny every time somebody told me: “But… aren’t you afraid?” during my two-month Couchsurfing trip all across the United States, I would have probably won a lot more than I won in Vegas. 826 more words



I’m a little behind on starting these, but I thought I’d post some thoughts on each clerkship as I go through them with some thoughts on how I studied as well. 890 more words

Med School

A Brief Update on the College Adventure

Recently, I’ve been learning more and more that studying in college is completely different than studying in high school. Nobody tells you how or when to study, it’s completely all up to ourselves to make the decision to close the door, put the earbuds in, sit down, and study for a couple hours. 380 more words


How to Survive a Road Trip

At this point, we have been on so many road trips (long road trips) I have it down to a science! Here are a few things I use to survive a road trip! 26 more words


Cheese Wax Candle

You know those little round wheels of cheese with the red wax? Well here is how to make a candle using one of those.

I would say this it more of an urban survival use, since the chances of you finding the wax from cheese in the woods are slim…though possible. 115 more words