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How to Survive Your Mid 20s Crisis.

Chapter 2

Where to start?

Every journey begins with a single step and how do we begin that step?
I came across a very good quote… 261 more words

Not Keeping Up with The Jonses

Or the modern day equivalent… The Kardashians, may be a more timely reference here!

I see my friends achieving things, appearing in great shows, and making advances in their careers (well as much of a career as you can have as an actor), and I feel like I  339 more words

"How to survive an all inclusive" Part 3

The third and final instalment in my guide to surviving a week in the sheltered warmth of an all inclusive holiday.

6. Threaten people

Some of us don’t have a conventional sense of humour, choosing to take pleasure in threatening and sarcastic behaviour that may be misunderstood by those around us. 677 more words

Louisa Newton

"How to survive an all inclusive holiday" Part 2

A continuation from my previous article on how to survive an all inclusive holiday.

3. Source out the free wi-fi

What’s a holiday if nobody knows you’re there? 1,107 more words

Louisa Newton

"How to survive an all inclusive holiday" Part 1

‘All inclusive’ a historic angelo saxon term used since the prehistoric ages, nowadays translates into “holiday for greedy bastards”.

We’ve all bore the scar of an all inclusive holiday wristband at some point in our lives, for those of you that haven’t – count yourselves lucky. 1,354 more words

Louisa Newton

New Directions

After a lengthy break from blogging (college always ruins everything) I have decided to return to the blogging world! I’ve decided to reroute my blogging path and take a new direction! 236 more words

Jill’s Tips for Weekend Guests

News flash: I did NOT fight with either of my exes this weekend, nor did they fight with each other. While my body is angry at me today, I’d say it was a successful weekend overall! 429 more words