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Actionable Tips to Increase Twitter Following by 154%

Twitter is a great tool for meeting people in your industry, learning about industry trends, connecting with potential customers and even making new friends! In fact, there are currently 271 million monthly active users on Twitter and 500 million Tweets are sent per day.  774 more words

Social Media Marketing

Four Things I Wish I Knew About Twitter Before I Started

I came late to Twitter. Just over a year ago I set up my account and have been trying to learn its ins and outs ever since. 527 more words

Melinda Friesen

I Finally Get Twitter

Twitter seems like a requirement for anyone with a business or a message. Everyone has it but I didn’t know a single person who actually liked it. 349 more words


7 reasons why joining Twitter can suck

So, my blog is ticking along nicely and I am gaining new likes on Facebook and learning more about Twitter and other social media channels daily. 783 more words

General Information

9 things people think when your Twitter picture is an egg.

I periodically go through the list of people I’m following and unfollow anyone who (1) hasn’t posted anything in months or at all, and (2) still has an egg for their profile picture. 77 more words

Food For Thought

How Best To Twitter - Everything You Wanted to Know, But Didn't Have Time to Find Out

We’re all swamped. Besides living our lives, there are millions of us who want to keep up with our activities on Twitter and to know we’re doing a good job about it. 401 more words

Posting Class Notes from the PNWA Summer Writers' Conference in Seattle

I attended the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association’s (PNWA’s) Summer Writers’ Conference in Seattle, in the middle of this month, but I noticed a lot of my writerly-type friends were missing from the conference this year. 257 more words

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