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How to write something that’s novel-length.

A novel generally falls somewhere between 40,000 and 100,000 words, with epics weighing in at over 300,000. If you write one page a day and it’s about 500 words, it will take you about 3 months of writing every day to get to the end of your first draft. 385 more words


Essential writing skills: good and bad ways to write a novel series

A little while ago I read the first three of Joan Aiken’s ‘Wolves’ novels, a series for children set in an alternative nineteenth century. King James Stuart III is on the throne, beset by plotters wanting to put the Hanoverian pretender into power. 607 more words



Dear writers of the world,

Friday Challenge

I opened Fanfiction.net this evening to find an opening line for you. It was harder than expected, too hard, maybe, to find the perfect line. 254 more words


How To Write

This is how you write:

Read. Read a lot. Read poetry. Read short stories. Read the first chapters of novels. Read memoirs and biographies and histories. 984 more words

Creative Writing

How to write a story that other people think is good.

So we’ve covered how to write a story that you think is good, but let’s say you want other people to think it’s good. Easy. I guarantee that someone thinks it’s good. 682 more words


Writing Wednesday - There isn't always a happy ending

Last Week’s WW: Finishing

And they all lived happily ever after.  Or, maybe not.  These days it seems like most books have a hero’s journey.  Or, at the very lease, a happy ending.   157 more words


I Saw This Great Widget on Someone's Blog

( this is just a picture, not the link)

I’ve been taking this course at https://blogging101january2015.wordpress.com/  Anyone can take it no matter how experienced you are, to see if there is anything you missed or don’t know how to do.  284 more words

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