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Be it a bang or a whimper, be sure to start your story with conflict (and a question)

Story beginnings are tough; even I can recognize that.

When I’m getting ready to start a new writing project, I spend a lot of time developing and getting to know the main character.  880 more words


Become an Emotional Writer

Recently, a friend of mine emailed a question about how to let the reader in on what another character other than the main character is feeling. 915 more words


mutiny is bounty

When you write, be mutinous.

If you’re not afraid, or insecure, or filled with foreboding, it’s probably because you’re obeying too many rules.

“Grammar is a piano I play by ear.”  18 more words

Writers On Writing

My top five writing records...

It’s over 30 years since I started writing my first book for publication. It’s been a pretty wild ride at times.  The whole lot has been through the traditional system – and today I thought I’d share the top five ‘record events’. 546 more words


How To Write When Other Things Are Happening

1. How to write when you have other things to do:
– Whine about having other things to do.
– Write.

2. How to write when your house is a mess: 129 more words


How to Make Your Writing Smell Better

Fog settled over the village and I thought the houses looked like they were huddling together in the cold.

One house stood apart from the others, a tilting mess with off-colored smoke pouring out of the chimney. 972 more words


To write...

I have innumerous problems while writing besides the obvious lack of concentration.

One of the things that always gives me problems it’s the POV, I just don’t know how to use it, 1st person, 3rd person, a narrator? 17 more words