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Writing Tips from Fictions Authors

I am always looking for advice or insight into writing and what others have to say about the writing journey. In my search, I found an article from… 104 more words


Essential writing skills: how ‘pantsing’ can lead you adrift. Beware.

I posted a while back on the way to approach novel-writing as a blend of both planning and seat-of-the-pants free-flow.  You plan the skeleton of the story ahead of time, then ‘pants’ your way through the details. 462 more words


Essential writing skills: plugging on, even when it’s boring

One of the biggest challenges in writing is producing even when the well’s apparently run dry. As anybody who’s worked in a newsroom will attest, deadlines don’t wait for the muse. 338 more words


Making the time to write...NaNoWriMo

At school this week one of my students told me she was up to 35,000 words of her NaNoWriMo project…do the rest of us have any excuse if a fourteen year old can achieve such a result on top of school work, assessment and end of year co-curricula activities? 29 more words


Essential writing skills: the importance of styling

I’ve always argued that to write quickly and well means getting the fundamentals right first – the structure – and worrying about the style later. It’s a technique that’s really only come into its own with the advent of word processors – though, and without any sense of paradox, I also believe it’s important to at least plan using pen and paper, because of the way that different thought processes emerge. 427 more words


Material Witness: Writing the Fiction Series by Karen S. Wiesner

As promised, every Friday in November I’m reviewing writing books in honor of NaNoWriMo. I’ll try to alternate between general writing books and genre-specific ones, so hopefully there will be a little something for everyone. 425 more words


How to Write Description

Description is the bedrock of storytelling. Good description brings a scene to life and makes it vivid in the reader’s imagination. This is achieved by following one of writing’s sacred rules: 776 more words