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How to Write a Good Resume

A comedy video on how to write a “good” resume. Definitely worth the watch. :3


Writing rule #4

 “Every character is a person and therefore, you should know what took place before the story to make them who they are.” 

Have you ever met anyone without a past? 661 more words


Essential writing skills: knowing when to stop writing and start publishing

One of the biggest challenges for writers is knowing when to stop. When to let the book go and move on to the next. But it’s tricky. 352 more words


Writing Wednesday - You've Got to Read

Last Week’s WW: What About the Gun?

I took a few years off from reading.  I’m not sure how many exactly, but I know it was a long time.   365 more words


Writing Rule #3

3. “Fiction Story is an imitation of life therefore:

  1. There is no story without character.
  2. Plot, is nothing more than random events, that when looked back on, have a very distinct purpose in the character make-up of the protagonist. 
  3. 2,437 more words

To Blog or Not To Blog - Is that the question?

I have no idea.  When do you blog?  When do you determine you have nothing to say?  You need to blog often, right?  If you aspire to be a writer or simply love the art, you should write every day no matter what just as long as you keep typing. 12 more words